Idee per decorare la casa in occasione di Halloween

Special Halloween Decorations with lots of tips and tricks

Special Halloween decorations: here are all our ideas for decorating the house for Halloween, very fun tips for an increasingly popular pagan party.

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  • 2 Halloween decorations: mirrors
  • 3 Halloween decorations: proposals online on Amazon
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Halloween Decorations: Ideas for decorating your home for Halloween

Halloween, the scariest Anglo-Saxon holiday of the year, is approaching: why not take advantage of these autumn days to prepare a series of scary DIY home decorations?

Halloween decorations: some ideas for DIY inspiration too

These are easy to make projects, often using materials that we already have available, with great decorative effect. Because on the occasion of Halloween it takes very little to transform your home, with small touches of “monstrous” inspiration.

Pillow covers

This decorative idea is dedicated to those who want to decorate the house but want to do it delicately, without exaggerating. Lining the sofa cushions or, as in this case, the outdoor patio, with an orange patterned fabric is a perfect way to remember the night of the spirits without the need for skulls and spiders.

Halloween decorations: very original linings

This lining can be made at home by painting a white fabric with a special orange paint with a geometric chevron pattern, or with many joined hook brackets. Simple and effective!

Disturbing photos

Halloween decorations: the spooky photo game

To play a little with the meaning of Halloween, you can mix creepy photos with classic family photos.

This decoration is very subtle but certainly fun and nice, especially if it is done with discretion and is accidentally discovered by friends and relatives.

The satisfaction of hearing: “Hey! But next to the grandmother photo there is a portrait of a vampire! ” it will be priceless.

Garlands for the little ones

Here is a nice DIY project also suitable for the little ones: a beautiful garland in shades of orange to hang on the fireplace or on the wall.

Halloween decorations: a garland for the fireplace

How to make it happen?

  • Just cut out triangles of fabric or colored paper and paint a Halloween letter on each one
  • then they can be attached together with a string or a black ribbon.
  • Done!

Halloween decorations: garland to hang on the door

And what about a decorated wreath to hang on the door? You can make a series of garlands with a different style, using branches and natural materials, but also fabric and plastic. Everything is in the inspiration of the moment!

Black chalkboard

A very simple and classy decoration involves the use of a simple black chalkboard on which to write, with a fluttering font, something scary inherent to Halloween. The blackboard can be combined with a series of candles placed in silver candlesticks and some silver trinkets, such as the pumpkin in the image.

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Halloween decorations: mirrors

Finally, here’s a mini DIY project involving the use of a mirror – mirrors are perfect for Halloween, because properly decorated they can get pretty scary.

Halloween decorations: how to “decorate” the mirror

In this case the mirror is simply decorated with a black openwork fabric that resembles a spider web and some stickers of spiders and owls. For an even more horrific result, you can put a fake skull in front of the mirror: it takes very little to create a total Halloween environment.

Halloween decorations: proposals online on Amazon

And now some very nice original ideas that you can also buy directly online.

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But here are also all the tips on how to decorate the table for the Halloween party.

Other ideas for your decorations

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