Veranda in the style of Provence: ideas

Here are some ideas for decorating your veranda in the Provencal style. Raw materials, soft colors and light floral fabrics is what you need. For an extra touch, then, it is necessary to pay particular attention to details and of course the flowers! Here is all the information.


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The Provencal style is inspired by charm ancient but also extremely romantic of Provence. To furnish a second veranda this trend, will allow you to imagine being in this beautiful part of France.

Obviously you have to to choose the materials right, which are the most rough and simple. Also colors they make a difference, they have to be clear and bright, as well as i fabrics, mostly with floral pattern. Finally, you have to cure many little ones details.



Provence is an area of ​​France feature for its beautiful landscapes natural. It should not be surprising, therefore, that the materials used to furnish according to this trend are those with the roughest appearance.

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Eg, the wrought iron is a real must for outdoor furniture, allows you to create very beautiful and particular structures. Also the wood is definitely to use. A nice idea is to have it pickled for obtain an aged look very romantic.

Finally, to have a Provençal-style veranda you shouldn’t overlook it the floor. This it can be terracotta, but also in wood-effect stoneware. Alternatively, leave it in stone to give an even more rustic look.



When one thinks of Provence all the colors that recall its landscapes come to mind, such as the blue of the sky and the sea or even the green of the meadows. Furthermore, one cannot but think of the splendid flowers, in particular those of lavender, which characterize this area.

For this, of the hints of lilac cannot never to miss when decorating in a Provencal style. Likewise also gods details light blue or light yellow are recommended for your veranda. In short, you have to use always of light and delicate shades.



Even when decorating a veranda you will have to choose fabrics. For example it would be appropriate to put of outdoor blinds to shelter when the sun is too strong and to have some privacy. Better, though, opt for a light fabric.

Also, it is very important upholster the sofas is make them more comfortable with of the soft ones pillows. THE recommended fabrics in this case I’m those with floral patterns, perfect for adding a touch of color too.

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Finally, it can not miss a tablecloth for set the table. This will have to be of raw cotton, if necessary with gods embroidery floral.


Create a refreshment area

On the porch is a good idea create a refreshment area. If, for example, you want to organize dinners and lunches, first of all will serve a table. For the dimensions it is also necessary to evaluate the size of the veranda, however it is always preferable opt for an extendable model.

It is also a good idea create even one space for to be able to take a coffee together. In this case, therefore, it is necessary procure a low table e gods comfortable sofas.


Create restricted area

On a veranda in the style of Provence it’s important obtain also a area a little’ more reserved. This must be a quiet, ideal spot for recreation and relaxation a little in contact with nature.

Essential, then, I’m of the rocking chairs. These will be perfect if, for example, you want to devote yourself to reading on the veranda. For those who prefer to lie comfortably and enjoy the sun’s rays, a hammock is the ideal solution.


Take care of the details

The details do always there difference. This also applies when decorating a veranda. The Provencal style, then, pays a lot of attention to details. So, there are some items you need to add to make it perfect.

Eg, can not miss of wrought iron objects to use as decorations. Also, don’t forget to use plates, glasses and cups strictly of porcelain.

As a last detail, take care of the lighting, this is essential. To recreate that slightly retro and slightly romantic atmosphere typical of Provence, used of the lanterns. The ideal is to place them on the ground, along the perimeter of the veranda.


Embellish with flowers

Finally, the real secret to having a veranda in perfect Provencal style is to do not miss the flowers. The idea is to recreate French gardens, with their special smells and colors.

As for the typical plants of the area, we can recommend there mimosa, poppy, sunflower and jasmine. Also cultivate of the mediterranean herbs such as oregano, rosemary, sage, basil and mint will make your garden special.

Finally, particular attention should be given to lavender. That cannot be missing to have a Provencal-style veranda. Whether they are real or even fake, these flowers to be placed as a centerpiece in ceramic or wrought iron vases are ideal.


Ideas veranda in the style of Provence: pictures and photos

Browse the images in the following gallery to see examples of a veranda furnished in a Provencal style. You will find many ideas that can inspire you!


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