Furnish bedroom 15 sqm

Furnishing a bedroom of 15 square meters is not easy, you need to understand how to use the available space. In addition, it can be helpful to know the optimal position for some furniture and also the preferred furniture styles. Here are many useful tips and ideas!

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A 15m2 bedroom is not easy to furnish. First of all need to evaluate well the space that you have available, being careful not to overestimate it.

Then, it is important understand how you want to organize the room and what is the ideal position of some furniture. Finally, it should be noted that some styles are more suitable than others.


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Designing the space available

A bedroom of 15 sqm it is certainly not a small room. Rather, it’s big enough to be able to organize it in various ways. However, you shouldn’t overestimate the real space available.

In fact, when you have a room of this size, you need to be even more careful when you furnish it Why they can be committed two types of opposite errors.

The first is that of leave it too empty. The second, however, is that of wanting to overfill it. For example, furniture is often added that are actually not needed and rather end up only taking away the space inside the bedroom.

So, the secret to not making mistakes is to calmly design. Arm yourself with a meter and take carefully all the measures of the room. Choose your furniture carefully and make sure that they fit in and that their dimensions are not excessive.


Create different zones within the bedroom

When decorating a room it is very important split out carefully the space available. In fact, different zones can be created within the same room.

For example, in the bedroom we can create a beauty corner by putting a dressing table. This it will be placed near the window, so you can enjoy natural light.

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It can create also some kind of area dedicated to reading. Choose a beautiful armchair, a small table and remember a lamp. Alternatively, opt for a desk so you get a small studio.


Making the bed the protagonist

In a bedroom the bed that’s just what it must be the protagonist of the room. First, however, it is essential to understand where to place it.

Her ideal location away from balconies and windows, so that you are not disturbed by sunlight or external noise. These should be always placed laterally and never in front or behind.

At this point, you can bet on a bed a little more particular, so that it stands out. For example choose one one round it’s a good idea.

Then, focus on the details. For example one low headboard in leather can be a beautiful alternative. Finally, don’t forget that too there bedding can make all the difference.


Bedroom with wardrobe

When in the bedroom yes you have a wall quite long available, the first thought is that of choose a wardrobe very great, for example with six doors. That way it won’t be left blank.

In reality, however, it would be good to think twice. It is certainly true that you always need room for clothes, but such a closet it would end up taking up too much space.

Rather, you can create a small walk-in closet. If the room from bed is square, the ideal solution is that of get it in a corner.

Selfinstead it is rectangular, you can to develop there cabin wardrobe in length instead of deep. In this case a whole wall must be occupied for the cabin.


Recommended decor styles

In a room of 15 square meters the advice is to do not adopt of styles too much pompous. Indeed, the secret to creating a perfect bedroom is focus on minimal or modern furniture.

The simple and essential lines, indeed, exalt the size of the room. In addition, functional and practical furniture is always the right solution.

As an alternative, however, too the Scandinavian style works very well. In fact, it too prefers a clean design furniture. It also favors neutral shades that are perfect for the bedroom.

Anyway, when you decorate your home, nothing prevents you from opting for the style you prefer. This could also be shabby chic, Provencal or maybe even the industrial style. In these cases, However, beware of do not overdo it.


Illuminate properly

Finally, lighting is key. Always remember that a single chandelier in the center is not enough of the room. They are needed also other sources of light in other points, such as for example lamps to put on the nightstand.

Alternatively also of the applique are perfect. If you have created a reading corner, you can opt also for a floor lamp.


Furnishing bedroom 15 sqm: images and photos

If you have a bedroom of 15 square meters take a look at the following gallery. You will find inspiration on how to decorate it!


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