7 ideas to creatively furnish the living area

Modern living room: here are some solutions and ideas for you to furnish it in a unique and creative way, using the right furniture, the right styles and the perfect color palette for every need. At the bottom, as usual, you will find our rich gallery of images to inspire you.


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The living room is the heart of the house, the place where you are to laugh, chat, get together with family and friends, find your own spaces, even in solitude, maybe sit on the sofa with a cup of coffee in hand and in the company of a good book.

In short, the living room, it is a fundamental space of our home, this is where you receive guests, so somehow it is also a business card of the house, a way to explain to others who you are. Here because it is essential to furnish it with originality, creativity and style. The living room is about you, perhaps more clearly than the rest of the house.

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If you have decided to furnish your living room in a modern style, then you will have to be very careful to do it with full knowledge of the facts, using the right techniques and solutions. We will help you with this article at choose all textures for your modern living room, the right finishes, the materials to be used, the best colors for furniture and walls, elements, details and furnishing accessories, which are fundamental in the modern style.


1. Modern Scandinavian style living room

A minimalist Scandinavian style living room, therefore with a definitely modern look. The atmosphere is very relaxed thanks to the ambient brightness, to the light wood of the slender stools and the comfortable deck chair with very light lines.

The environment is equipped with large windows, therefore naturally well lit, which is why it was possible paint the walls dark gray and lighter gray, leaving only one white. The pale pink carpet adds romance and delicacy to the room e it goes perfectly with the light gray of the sofa angled.


2. Modern Japanese style living room

A modern living room that rethinks the atmospheres of Japanese interior design, with low furniture, in a western and ultra-modern key. The choice fell on very comfortable seats without backrests but equipped with ergonomic fixed cushions that give dynamism to the entire environment. The white color of the sofas stands out against the light wooden parquet and contrasts with the low furniture and dark gray carpet.

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3. Minimal white and dark gray living room

A living room with volumes divided in a clear and geometric way, thanks to walls from oblique lines and double color, white and dark gray, used to separate areas well.

IS a modern living room suitable for those who love minimal style and wants to reduce the elements and details in the room to the essential. The result is a very clean and relaxing environment, precisely because it is very tidy and essential.


4. Modern living room in vintage style

The vintage and retro elements are crystal clear in the construction of the modern living room that we show you in the photo below. This environment is the result of the layering of different textures and the use of a neutral and warm color palette in shades of beige and brown, with very few forays of black and white.

Let’s go back to the vintage elements: first of all wallpaper with geometric floral pattern and the lamps, which they contrast with there modernity of contemporary print and the low table with precise lines and with a mirrored surface, typically contemporary.


5. Modern living room with geometric decoration

The heart ofliving environment that we show you in the image below and the geometric wall decoration, formed by an interlocking of pieces of different shapes. A large modern puzzle which gives the environment dynamism and order at the same time. We have chosen to focus on white and thin black lines, which also return to the curtains, and to contrast it with warmth of the light wood of the parquet and the TV wall. The light gray sofa and the armchairs with a very original look, which reflect the dynamism and geometry of the wall, complete the environment.


6. Modern living room with refined gold decoration

The choice for the look of this living room was focusing everything onelegance and extreme refinement of the final result, obtained with the contrast of black with gold of the large decoration behind the sofa.


7. Modern gray and black lounge

For the decoration of this modern living room we have chosen to enhance the volumes with different shades of gray and touches of black, which shape the light. The light gray sofa contrasts with the accent wall dark gray, which incorporates the same shade of the curtains and floor composed of large concrete blocks.

The fireplace area is black, a shade that enhances the color of the flames. The black and white optical carpet gives movement to the whole and is combined, in a fascinating contrast, with precise and straight lines, of the bookcase.


Modern living room how to furnish the living room: images and photos

How to furnish the living area with a modern, but also original and unique style that describes your personality? We have selected several options for you. Now take a look at our image gallery for more inspiration.


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