Modern white kitchen: 6 timeless solutions

Examples of modern white kitchen to copy in your home. Trendy inspirations for small and large sizes. Ideas on how to accessorize them and on the best color combinations with white.


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Have one modern white kitchen it’s a guarantee, it’s hard to go wrong with this color! Whichever model you choose, it will look fresh, current and bright. The White has incredible power, is a passpartout (especially in the kitchen!) and does not require too complex color choices.

It makes the environment tidy, attractive and makes even the smallest of kitchens look spacious, maximizing its brightness. Without forgetting that a white kitchen is a great backdrop to flaunt accessories on, decorative details and very trendy chandeliers.

We have selected for you our favorite models of white kitchen with modern design.


1. Marble coatings

When it comes to white kitchens, one cannot fail to mention the marble. It is a sophisticated yet versatile material, ideal at the same time to cover worktops, tops and splash guards. With her glossy finish and the visible veins, has a beauty that will remain unchanged over time and that makes it a popular and timeless choice.

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The streaks of the marble have the advantage of camouflaging any stains and splashes. In any case, we advise you to opt for a specific treatment that protects the material from dirt and wear for longer. The flooring can also be in marble, with the possibility of making it coordinated with worktops, washbasins and other coverings.

Here is a splendid example of white kitchen in a modern style where marble is the protagonist. The lines are clean, the design minimal while the floor is oak European painted. The design pendant lamps placed above tomarble island, add a touch of fantasy to the simple and linear design.


2. Fish scale tiles

Let’s move on to the second proposal of modern white kitchen, made very special by the use of a fish scale tile cladding.

The blue, light blue and emerald green evoke the color of the sky and the sea, giving the hob and sink area a seaside home atmosphere.

For a more unusual and exotic mood we recommend the Moroccan tiles “Zellige”, handcrafted with raw natural clay, with colors linked to nature.

There taps, the handles and knobs in bright brass give the kitchen a touch of class. As for the accessories, however, opt for chrome or shiny materials such as copper, brass and majolica effect ceramics.

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3. Glamorous white kitchen

Among our favorite inspirations is the next one modern white kitchen with glamorous inspirations feminine.

It’s the details that make the difference: we have two pendant lanterns with a contemporary flavor and four stools model bar in transparent polycarbonate with hot pink pillows that recall the elements of lighting.

Furniture and wall units are embellished with handles and knobs in bright brass. There accent wall behind the hob is made in polished marble with visible veins, an indispensable sophisticated detail.


4. Exposed wooden beams

Here we are in another beautiful one Nordic-inspired modern white kitchen. The lines are clean and crisp, the finish is matte.

The note of color is given by steel appliances but especially since wood of the exposed beams, the Scandinavian style table top and chairs. The focal point of the kitchen is the modern futuristic lighting system.

A group of circular white pendant lamps positioned at different heights, enhances the table from the unprecedented oblique location. The birch wood parquet it has a uniform, organic texture and goes very harmoniously with the various furnishing accessories.


5. Bohemian inspirations

The next modern white kitchen immediately attracts attention for its colorful bohemian details. The Persian-inspired carpet, the botanical corner, the print on the wall and the mirror: the details of this kitchen seem to tell different lives and cultures.

The trio of cutting boards and stools in carved wood I’m pieces of local crafts and unique creations of their kind. Mix textures, finishes and coatings different as you can see in the photo: lacquered furniture, floor and worktops with mirror effect.


6. Ultra modern minimal

Our latest proposal is one large kitchen with an ultra-modern flavor. White shelves alternate with the wall units, ideal for displaying valuable decorative objects.

The cooking area is characterized by a splash guard created with multicolored ceramics and from a marble worktop. The tall windows, devoid of curtains, allow natural light to filter and highlight both the dark oak parquet that the decorative ceiling molding.


Modern white kitchen: photos and pictures

A safe and never dull choice, modern white kitchen has a timeless beauty that is hard to match. Browse the photo gallery, be inspired by our favorite proposals and try to replicate them in your home.


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