Best colors for a shabby chic style kitchen: the palettes to use

What are the best colors for a shabby chic style kitchen? There are many shades and palettes to use, white, pink, light yellow, blue, green. Let’s see together many solutions and the best combinations for a perfect shabby chic kitchen.


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The shabby chic style is a much loved furniture look for years now, which has evolved over time, adding to its many features too fascinating color palettes. How, perhaps, you will know, shabby in English means old, worn, which describes the finish of furniture and accessories used in this style.

The approach to the word chic, however, makes us understand that it is only a superficially worn finish, in truth every detail is wanted, searched and everything finds a precise location in order to obtain, as a final result, an environment that recalls the lived and ancient ones of the houses of yesteryear but with a modern and romantic taste.

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Reproducing a shabby chic style kitchen is now quite simple because on the market there are many solutions just think for this type of design. A very important factor, in this regard, it does it the choice of the color of the walls to match the chosen furniture or even the color of the furniture itself.

If you are building your kitchen in a shabby chic style, in short, you can’t go wrong with the color of the walls or that of the furniture. In principle, keep within neutral colors and natural, cream, white, beige, light gray, and you will never go wrong. If, however, you love original touches and have a romantic soul, pastel colors such as pink, yellow, blue, green, they can come to your rescue.

In this article we will show you perfect combinations, palettes, colors for a shabby chic style kitchen and, in the end, you will find as always a rich gallery of images to take a look at the best solutions to inspire you.


Shabby chic kitchen in gray color

The first color that we propose is very simple and also one of the most used in combination with the shabby chic style: the gray. Color neutral, sober and very simple, it is able to enhance the many details of a shabby chic style kitchen. Perfect in combination with white, but also with the warm tones of the wood color.

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Shabby chic kitchen in yellow and blue

The kitchen that we propose in the image below has a modern, cheerful and lively palette: the yellow in combination with blue. It is a totally contemporary way of reinterpreting the shabby chic style. The vintage lines of the furniture, in this way, they light up with an extremely creative atmosphere it is original.


Shabby chic kitchen in yellow color

All yellow is the kitchen we offer you in the solution i bass. Pastel yellow is a very popular color in combination with the shabby chic style, because reproduces the light of the summer sun, giving to the environment a warm and summery atmosphere that goes very well with the vintage and sadly retro lines of the furniture.


Shabby chic kitchen in lavender color

The lavender is a very romantic shade and retro, created to enhance the shabby chic style. Very delicate shade, immediately makes you think of spring and it almost seems to smell the beautiful flower from which it takes its name.


Shabby chic kitchen in pastel blue color

The pastel blue that covers the kitchen walls in the shabby chic style of the next photo helps to create a fresh and summery atmosphere, especially with the contrast with white elements, like chairs, in dark wood, how’s work, and with gold details, like the frame of the antiqued mirror.


Shabby chic kitchen in green color

The pastel green is a refined, sober and natural color which is perfectly suited to a shabby chic style kitchen, precisely because of its delicacy and the ability to enhance the light. It can be combined with different colors, if you want to make the environment brighter, white is the ideal match. For the floor, you can opt for parquet light or dark: wood also goes very well with this color.


Shabby chic kitchen in pink and light blue

It is not said that you should only opt for one color for your shabby chic style kitchen. Pale pink and pastel blue they are two colors that are often opposed but that together form a very delicate and very romantic palette, perfect for decorating a shabby chic environment.

Below, some examples to inspire you: the first photo shows a kitchen in which pink and blue are spots of color that they sit side by side and mix with other furniture, form a seemingly disordered but intimately connected puzzle. You can play oncombination of colors also in furnishing accessories, as you can see in the second photo.


Shabby chic kitchen in pink color

What’s more romantic than pale pink? Nothing, that’s why this color goes so well in a Shabby Chic style kitchen. Whether you choose pink furniture and accessories, what pink walls, the only choice if you want to make this shade stand out is combine it with pure white, which enhances and illuminates it.


Colors for a shabby chic style kitchen: images and photos

What are the best colors for a shabby chic kitchen? Pink, gray, blue, green: let’s see together all the combinations and colors to use for a real shabby chic style kitchen. Check out our image gallery for more inspiration.


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