Cream-colored walls in the living room: 5 refined inspirations

How to use cream colored walls in the living room. Furnishing ideas and color combinations with accessories and complements. How to incorporate this color into classic and modern living rooms.


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The cream color on the walls creates a restful space e contributes to making the home environments sophisticated in their simplicity.

The cream walls are natural and refined, are indicated for both classic and modern living rooms adapting to the most diverse interior designs.

Unlike white which can often look a little too cold, cream color is the perfect compromise for those who prefer light environments but do not want to opt for total white.

living room-walls-cream

Cream colored walls: color combinations

The cream is easy to use because you can combine it with a variety of other colors without making a mistake: with the Brown in all its nuances, with the beige and pastel tones, with the light grey, with white and black finishes and with the darker and lighter tones of the wood, to give you some examples.

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Combine it with bolder shades in a large and airy modern living room, or use it in combination with white for a more classic approach.

Check out our favorite decor inspirations e find out how to incorporate cream colored walls in the living room depending on the reference styles.

Modern Living Room Interior Design 2013

1. Modern Living Room

The first proposal of our selection exhibition a modern living room where the cream-colored walls I’m been combined with dove gray, beige and a few accents of mouse gray. The environment turns out overall modern but at the same time comfortable and functional.

There combination of cream with beige and dove gray gives the room a soft and warm appearance, also given by the velvet of the sofa, the cushions and the large central carpet.

A touch of color was introduced through the use of gray and yellow, a very trendy color combo when it comes to modern environments. The gray curtains that stand out on the cream colored walls, they add depth and create an elegant and sophisticated mood.


2. Living room with coastal inspirations

Let’s move on to the next environment, a living room with coastal inspirations where the cream-colored walls combined with pastel blue create a fresh and bright environment.

Furniture and accessories are the right compromise between tradition and modernity, combine clean and minimal lines with the soft shapes of a more classic design. Coastal inspiration is expressed through the chromatic choices: the pastel blue brings the colors of the ocean within the walls of the house.

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The cream colored walls make the room visually larger reflecting the natural light entering from the windows and distributing it evenly. For an extra note of elegance, you prefer textiles with a slightly rough texture and chromed accessories with a mirrored finish.


3. Living room of a contemporary open space

The third proposal is made up of living room of an open space in a contemporary style where the cream-colored walls are painted with a stucco effect. Sophisticated style is built through layering of neutral and warm textile tones. The appearance is minimal but enveloping.

The nuances lighter and darker of gray create an interesting contrast with the warm finishes of the furniture. Two square tables are the centerpiece of the living room, combined with a oat-colored modular sofa embellished with mocha colored cushions. The cream-colored wall is enhanced by a large industrial style clock, minimal but impactful.

open-space-contemporary-cream-walls-living room

4. Modern classic living room

The next living room is a riot of neutral and feminine colors. We can define the reference style modern classic, with some more eclectic inspiration.

The cream-colored paint on the walls was designed in conjunction with the shades of pink and with chromed finishes of complements and accessories. One wall was embellished with one stencil that reproduces stylized branches embellished with pearly leaves.

In this living room, classic and modern coexist harmoniously and every detail almost seems to be a work of art. The sheer curtains with beige and white stripes create visual continuity with the walls and thanks to their light texture allow natural light to filter through and illuminate the entire square footage.


5. Contemporary living room with Scandinavian inspiration

We come to the last proposal, a living room with a contemporary flavor with Nordic inspirations. The walls I’m cream color while the ceiling has been painted with a very light tone of gray.

The equipped wall and the parquet flooring are expression of the Scandinavian style that he prefers there white-wood combination. The sofa, the pouf, the central low table and the white floor lamp are purely contemporary and blend very harmoniously with the rest of the accessories.

The cream color of the walls also in this case visually maximizes spaces, reflecting the natural light that enters through the large French windows onto the furniture and floors.


Cream-colored walls in the living room: photos and images

Cream colored walls are a timeless choice and a refined detail. Browse our photo gallery and find out how to decline this timeless color in the living room.


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