Lavender bathroom walls

Do you want to recreate a bathroom that inspires relaxation, serenity and style? With the endless range of colors and combinations you are spoiled for choice, however we recommend using the lavender color for the bathroom walls and you can’t go wrong. Here are all our proposals.

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Lavender and its majesty explodes in a magnificent flowering, characterized from strong and recognized scents and colors all over the world. From the wide expanses of Provence it comes to us a color able to soothe the spirit, to bring back scents and a sense of peace and well-being.

Use lavender color to decorate the bathroom walls is a safe and winning choice, which allows you of bring stimulation and relaxation to the room.


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The lavender color for the walls

The plant of the lavender is combined with sense of delicacy. A color that comes widely used in the field of furniture to recreate simple and elegant environments. This color is best interpreted in homes in Shabby Chic style and with Country furnishings, typical of country houses.

However, it matches very good too to modern contexts, thanks to the use of current and avant-garde elements. Use this color for the bathroom guarantees the recreate a chic space. The lavender color has many shades and shades. The main code is RGB (251, 174, 210). Let’s see together how to combine this wonderful color of inspiration on the walls of your bathroom.


Lavender-colored walls for the romantic style bathroom

An ideal base, the lavender color on the walls, to structure the bathroom furniture in a romantic style, covered by a veil of other times. The our advice is that of match lavender to the walls, in a very clear gradation, too the finishes of fixtures and furniture in this color.

This trick helps to create a homogeneous result and to widen the space, even when the available space is limited. To complete the whole insert curtains in pink and of furniture elements in white, like a coffee table and the sink top. These 3 colors together are a floral explosion, a sweet bouquet of colors.

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Lavender paint for the rustic bathroom

In combination with an old-fashioned bathtub, large and central in the room, to a wooden piece of furniture rustic looking the paint on the walls plays an important role. In this case the lavender color for your bathroom is used in two different tones, one at the base and one at the height of the wall. The two colors are distinct from each other thanks to a white beading, a clear and winning detachment.

The tone assumed by these combinations it is in keeping with the typical décor of cottages and country houses. The extra touch? The large floral picture that recalls all the colors used inside it becomes a great common thread between the furnishing elements.


Lavender paint for a bathroom in dark tones

The combination of walls for the bathroom lavender color and clear furniture is a certainty and a confirmation. But what about the same matching with dark furniture and finishes? The lavender color has the ability to enhance even these complements, with intense veins, creating an enveloping and comfortable style. Go ahead, therefore, for dark wood furniture, black elements and dark floors. The result will be an enchanted bubble.


Lavender-colored tiles on the bathroom walls

If you think that the walls of the bathroom are more functional if covered with tiles, instead of paint here is the proposal for you. The tiles guarantee easy and complete maintenance and cleaning in rooms such as the bathroom. In this case, opt for tiles regular rectangular shapes and combine them in a pair of two colors. At the base up to the middle of the wall the color of the ceramics is lavender.

The top, on the other hand, sees a transition in white. This pairing allows you to play with the elements. On the part relating to the white tiles you can insert decorative elements in contrast, lavender color. On the lower part, however, the light elements stand out and are enhanced. White and lavender is the perfect match.


On the same style, but in a different declination, the lavender tiles for the bathroom can become protagonists absolute. An essential bathroom, with no furnishing elements other than sanitary ware, becomes a full space thanks to color. The tiles in this shade have the strength to furnish, without relying on other elements.

Use lavender for tiles of various shades, so that movement and three-dimensionality were created. A standard lavender base, paired with other darker purple-tinged tiles is a great example to get inspired by.


Lavender bathroom walls: photos and images

A journey from the fields of Provence to the bathroom, which takes on delicate and serene tones thanks to the lavender color on the walls. Whether you prefer a solid color, light shades or tiles instead of paint, here you will find many ideas. Here is our photo gallery.


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