Create a study corner in the bedroom

If you want to create a study corner in the bedroom, follow these useful tips. Remember that it’s not enough just to choose a desk, but you also need to understand what its best position is. In addition, there is so much more that is needed to allow children to study at their best!


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In the bedroom it is very it is important to create a study corner to allow children to study in peace. Need try to to achieve a station let it be first functional.

This means which must also be suitable when the little ones will be now grown up and they will need much more space for all the university books and notes.

To choose a comfortable and spacious desk, therefore, it is crucial. However, we must also doand pay attention to where to place it. Furthermore, There are many other important details which is needed to create the perfect study corner.

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Think about functionality

The first rule to create a study corner in the bedroom is think functionally. In fact, such an area must be extremely practical and allow children to concentrate and work at their best.

So first of all there is a need to create the study corner in a quiet place. This means away from the door of the bedroom from which the hustle and bustle in the house could be heard.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that there are many years that children will have to spend on books. For this, the study corner must also be meant for during the time.


Choose the desk

The first thing that serves to create a study corner in the small room it is a work surface to lean on, more precisely a desk. Today, there are for all needs, from the most large to those more small.

Eg, who does not have much space available, can opt for a removable model. This is fixed to the wall and is not bulky at all.

However, if you have the chance, always better to choose a desk with a plan rectangular and pretty great. This way the kids will have more space to put everything they need.

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Where to place the desk

To have an ideal study corner, the desk cannot simply be placed where there is space. In fact, there are some important factors to consider. For example, is always important that there desk not be put in the center of the bedroom, but against a wall.

Then, the position of the window. Indeed, is there main light source of the bedroom. There desk, therefore, it could be positioned in correspondence with this.

Be careful though, because the window could also be a source of distraction. In fact, young people could be easily distracted by what is happening outside.

The best solution in these cases is place there desk on the side of the window. The key thing is that never have it behind you or the light may create very annoying reflections on the computer screen.


What to put on the desk

There desk it should not be left empty, but can be embellished with some items. However, to avoid overfilling it with unnecessary knick-knacks, it’s better to put first things that are indispensable and useful, such as for example a pen holder.

Then, on the desk is always important have one lamp. In fact, it often happens that the light of the chandelier is not enough or creates annoying reflections.

The best solution is choose a lamp that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light. Also, pay attention to color too. There blue light, cold, it is always the best choice because it is less of a nuisance.

At this point you can to put some small accessory. Eg a small succulent plant for a green touch it never feels bad, as well as a scented candle.


Choose an ergonomic chair

When you have to sit for a long time, such as when studying, being comfortable is important. For this, we always recommend invest in an ergonomic chair.

The the best are those that have adjustable armrests, backrest and height. In this way the kids can arrange it according to the position they find most comfortable.


Assemble shelves or a bookcase

To create a perfect study corner, you don’t have to think only about the work surface. Eg, you need a place for to be able storing books and notebooks.

In fact, leaving everything on the desk is certainly not the best solution. First it takes away precious space, then working in a cluttered environment is not productive.

If there is space in the bedroom, you can opt for a library. You can put it on sideways to the desk so you can easily take what you need.

Alternatively, a great idea is opt for shelves. These can be mounted on the opposite wall at the desk, maybe not all on the same level. This way they will also be a nice decoration.


Create a study corner in the bedroom: images and photos

If you are looking for ideas to create a study corner in your bedroom, do not hesitate to take a look at the images in the gallery below. There are solutions that may inspire you!


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