4 furnishing ideas that will win you over

Contemporary living room: how to furnish it? Which furniture to choose? Which color palettes should you focus on? We want to help you with a selection of 4 original furnishing ideas and solutions that will win you over.

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The first question we want to answer, even before taking a look at the different contemporary living room solutions we have to offer you, and what is contemporary style actually? Why is it defined as such? How we realize we have built an environment that truly responds to a contemporary look?

These are legitimate questions, because contemporaneity, in reality, includes very different influences and styles, which means that it often happens that what seems contemporary is not really contemporary and that what, instead, could remind you of yesteryear or retro styles, is instead to be ascribed to a taste and a more modern reinterpretation.

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Let’s see then together, first of all, what absolutely must have a living room to be defined as contemporary.

Perfect-colors-for-a-contemporary-living-room-the-walls that furnish

Contemporary living room: 4 ideas to furnish it

The first thing you will notice in a contemporary living room are minimal spaces and clean lines, the walls decorated with graphic prints, there presence of materials and shiny and mirrored surfaces. The contemporary style, in fact, it is characterized by the use of light, often reflected and enhanced by highly polished surfaces and mirrors and for a very sober use of space, even too much in some cases.

Contemporary style, however, does not stop at these two qualities: the main tendency is to sever definitely the link with tradition, which does not mean outright rejection of the past. Indeed, contemporary style can exploit the interior design of the past, neoclassical or mid-century, for example, but renewing them in order to actualize them.

In other words, the contemporary style can borrow elements from past designs, but always placing them in a context ready for change.

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In other words, every new style is to be considered contemporary at that time, that’s why it’s so complicated to define it uniquely. Certainly, the principle that you must always keep in mind if you have decided to decorate your living room in a contemporary style it is innovation and change always, if there is one thing that just cannot be missing in a contemporary environment, it is there feeling of novelty and freshness that this style must convey.

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1. Colors to use for a contemporary living room

The choice of color is very important for a contemporary stay. That of color, in fact, is a key area for this type of look. It clears from your mind that a contemporary living room has to be bright white: it doesn’t. There are countless shades that can be used to enhance the contemporary atmosphere of your living room.


Make creative use of different color combinations

In the image below, for example, it has been used an alternation of cold colors that match each other perfectly, giving the idea of ​​freshness and novelty. The palette used includes dark gray of the accent wall, the white sofa and the emerald green one, the cushions with motifs in blue, green, yellow, the pastel blue armchairs, the beige carpet.


Focus on monochrome for a sober and very elegant effect

If you don’t particularly like different colors, the contemporary style also allows a special use of monochrome, as we show you in the example you can see below. In this case, the color palette focuses on neutral, with a hue variation that it ranks between cream and brown, for a set that it is coherent and perfectly studied in every detail.


2. Mix curved lines and straight lines with originality

It is a cliché what he wants the contemporary style attached to design with straight lines and clean. In reality, it is the confusion that sometimes occurs between modern and contemporary style, because the latter, as we have seen, compared to the former admits original and unique mixes, then also the combination of curved and sinuous lines with geometric styles and straight lines.


3. Metal is your ally: choose metallic details

Metal is a widely used material in the design of contemporary living rooms: steel, brass, gold, especially polished and mirrored or with hammered finish. You can use it for tables, poufs, but also knick-knacks, photo and painting frames, lamps of any size.


4. Mix materials: metal, marble, leather

One of the most fascinating aspects of contemporary style is that you can mix different materials and different finishes to create more and more elaborate textures in your living room. Mix leather sofas or armchairs straight lines with a bass round metal coffee table, or point, as in the photo, to a coffee table with a geometric look with mirrored surface e armchairs with soft and enveloping lines.

The marble is another much loved element in the contemporary style: marble shelves, but also ornaments or lamps can do for you.


Contemporary living room: images and photos

How do you decorate a living room in a contemporary style? Here are 4 furniture ideas for you that will win you over. And here is also a gallery of images to inspire you.


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