White four-poster bed in large neutral-colored bedroom

Best colors for the shabby chic bedroom

Shabby chic: what colors to use in the bedroom. Why choose only a few shades. And what materials can highlight them.

White four-poster bed in large neutral-colored bedroom

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The shabby chic style it is like wine: the older it gets, the more valuable it is. Indeed, this choice of furniture prefers worn furniture in time, soft colors and materials of recycling. And even when we use it in the bedroom, we must respect these essential characteristics.

However, the shabby style requires specific colors and highly sought after that, like the materials with which it surrounds itself, will become even more beautiful over time. Generally speaking, we must prefer pastel shades, not too bright or flashy, otherwise the shabby look of the shabby is lost. So, let’s see which colors to use in the bedroom.

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Pink for shabby chic bedroom

Now, let’s get started with the pink: and the color of romance and total trust in the other. In addition, on wooden furniture, as we age, will highlight the brown and beige shades of the material.

Initially, we paint there wall of pale apricot. Since it is a very delicate and held color, it won’t burden the bedroom. On the contrary, it will make it warmer and more hospitable.

Instead, for there bedding, we use a White milk. In reality, it tends to pink and is very delicate. Then, to highlight some details, such as i pillows of bed or the frames of the paintings or of the vases, we employ more vibrant shades of pink. Why not, let’s use a pig pink or a dark pink.

Eventually, we will get a bedroom that will be a delightful little wedding favor.


In case you don’t like all this pink, we can come up with some alternatives. For example, let’s paint some simple ones roses on white background on the walls. Then, others elements pink, like pillows, trunk or a picture. For the rest, white will balance the pink. For example, let’s paint the canopy of the bed and the frames. But also there linen bedding and other fabrics, like curtains.


Light blue for shabby chic bedroom

And how can we not talk about blue? In fact, it is perfect for both walls and smaller details. For example, we can apply the wallpaper: the background color sugar paper is flowers colored by pink it’s white as a decoration. Then, we choose a precious color for the bed linen: the tiffany blue. Compared to sugar paper, it is slightly more lively and will envelop you in a tender embrace during the night.

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Finally, the rest of the bedroom we can paint it of White: there headboard of the bed embellished with wood inlays and the fireplace wall made of exposed brick.

In conclusion, the end result will be a very balanced bedroom.


Lavender for shabby chic bedroom

Considering its beauty, the color lavender deserves special attention: it recalls the old decorations of English houses, from which the shabby style originates. In addition, in all its shades, lavender is a shade of purple that it suits both cold colors and warm colors.

For example, for one bedroom give her hue cold, we buy the bedding color lavender Mist. Then, we can support on the ground a nice carpet short-haired color purple lavender, which is slightly warmer. While pink only balanced with white, we can use gray here as well. For example, we choose the most precious shades, such as platinum gray for the flowers embroidered on the duvet cover of the bed and the Pearl grey for the closet wardrobe.

In the end, we will have a very original bedroom.


Green hues

Usually, in a bedroom in perfect shabby chic style, we can use green in its matte shades. But why not dare a little more with a handsome one forest green? Indeed, it is a very bright and bold shade, which is not usually used for large spaces.

Therefore, we cannot paint the walls or the ceiling. However, we can use it for the bed frame Wood. Then, time will take care of it to make it more fascinating.


And if we want instead keep us on the classic, we resort to less vivid shades. Then, we can act on the whole wall with the moss greenwhich is very light. In addition, this color can be easily combined. In fact, we can pass from the pink of the frames of the paintings and pillows of bed to the White of the sideboard and chairs.

Finally, the smallest details will have the original color of the iron. For example, they will be black the arms of the chandelier and i knobs of the drawers. In conclusion, the result will be a shabby chic bedroom with a slight influence of the classic style.


White gradations

Finally, here we are in white. In fact, it’s one of the best shades for a bedroom. Since it expresses purity and kindness, it will embellish the shabby chic style with a profound meaning.

First, let’s choose a bright white for the linen of bed. In order for it to stand out immediately in the eyes, it is the perfect shade for the bed. Subsequently, for the walls, we use ivory white. Being a dirty shade of the original white, it is perfect for the aged look of the shabby style.

Finally, a very particular color: the ghost white. Indeed, with its slightly bluish tip, it is ideal for old dressers or curtains. In the end, we will have a very pleasant and candid bedroom.


Best Shabby Chic Bedroom Colors: Pictures and Photos

Do you like these delicate shades but have not yet decided how to use them in your bedroom? So, browse the image gallery, because there are many new ideas waiting for you.


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