Kindercore style: let’s find out together

A colorful and particular style has started to spread for some time: the Kindercore style. What is it and how to furnish your home in this style? Also what are the tricks to put in place to create an explosion of color, thanks to the Kindercore style? We show it to you. Go on to discover the bizarre and colorful Kindercore style.

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You are ready to leave the usual patterns aside and the usual styles we have become accustomed to by now? The Kindercore style is preparing to fit in in our housing, infecting the environment with taste and color. The materials used and the furnishing elements are the most disparate, suggesting a casual and not studied furniture.

Instead, behind this style there is a well-structured and studied method and nothing is left to chance. A style that is pure vitality and enthusiasm and that floods, with soft and cheerful shapes, Your house. Let’s find out more about this architectural current.

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Kindercore style: what it is

The Kindercore style has begun to spread only in recent times and it is an architectural current that is inspired by colorful furniture and cheerful of the golden years: the eighties.

Pop art, experimentation and design mix, whirling in a young and distinctive concept. In this style, everything is abundance, nothing is spared. Furnishings of design large and imposing, eclectic colors and strong, contrasts and hazards. Here is the Kindercore spirit in its extravagance. Let’s go into the details, analyzing every aspect of the style.

The colors of the Kindercore style

How to define a unique and precise palette when it comes to extravagance in style? The colors well received by Kindercore style they make no exceptions. However, in the case of color combinations a profound and methodical study is hidden.

For furnishing a home in perfect Kindercore style We advise you to starting with two or three basic colors, on which to decline and create your kaleidoscope. Consider the few colors which will act as a common thread and creates, on these, references and coherence.

The colors to start from are those from which all the others are born, that is the primary colors. Once the starting point has been established, plays with splashes of color and contrasts.


Furniture for the Kindercore style

This style not so particular finds only in colors so bright and strong, but even in the forms of furnishing accessories that break every known pattern and that overturn the convictions of furniture.

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The minimalism we have grown fond of in the last decade makes room for the encumbrance of large, impressive and extravagant furniture.

Also in the pieces of furniture you can see the touch of design. A simple bookcase becomes an element placed upside down, where a single piece is flooded with color, to catch the eye and catch the attention.

The armchairs and sofas are enveloping, soft, large, because comfort becomes a primary factor, chasing away the simplicity of many other styles.

The pieces that cannot be missing in a house furnished according to the Kindercore style are the large colored paintings, modern and bright prints, the giant and soft armchairs, the bookcases is the chairs with irregular shapes.


The details and decorations for the Kindercore style

If we have identified the strength of the Kindercore style in color, it is good to know that this architectural current so powerful it is not complete without the right decorative elements. Starting come on fabrics, which play a fundamental role they too, interpreted according to the golden rule of style: contrasts. Go ahead, therefore, to light fabrics like veils in coexistence with other fabrics less intangible, like velvet.

A other element source of inspiration for this style are the memories, furnishings and collections. Let’s proceed with the abundance on shelves and shelves, that same abundance of objects that for years we have tried to clean up from the shelves has come back strongly to remind us of the affection for the collections. Vases, statuettes, ornaments. Everything is allowed, as long as color is the primary driver of choice.

To conclude how to underestimate the importance of the housing structure in this bizarre style. Against ceilings in favor of the play of light, columns, dividers and bearing elements in plain sight become an added value and not something to hide and conceal. So the structural details are welcome and that they be given a leading role.

To ensure that every corner of the house is enhanced by color focuses everything on wall decorations, from plastic rails to large paintings, up to wall clocks or wall collectibles. As in a Mondrian painting, the colors leave no way out of their schemes.


Kindercore style: photos and images

Here is a photo gallery dedicated to the Kindercore style. Color, play and shapes mix in a single moment to give life to a home where joy never fails. Take a cue from our images.


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