All about Ikea candles: colors, fragrances and accessories

Special Ikea candles. Candles are an essential element to make a home elegant and joyful, especially in the colder seasons and during the holidays.
To create the right atmosphere it takes very little and you don’t need to spend a fortune. From Ikea you can find many types of candles and lanterns, perfect for making your home more intimate, warm and welcoming. Large, small, colorful, scented… Ikea candles are truly an infinity, suitable for every stylistic need and every decor.

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Ikea scented candles

Do you want relaxation and romance? Nothing better than soft light and the pleasant scent of a candle. From fruity to floral aromas, Ikea offers a wide variety of fragrances. In various formats, some candles are sold in glass containers to be reused later as candle holders.

Let’s see the main models with related fragrances.

  • SINNLIG: white candle with glass scented with the aroma of sweet vanilla, 9 cm, 4.00 euros
  • BRÄCKA: beige glass candle with the sweet aroma of caramel and chocolate. 3.00 euro / 3 pcs
  • SINNLIG in red version, perfect for the Christmas holidays, with an intense scent of red berries and sweets that never fade. 2.50 euro / 30 pcs
  • ANSPRÅKSLÖS: scented candle in a metal jar with aroma Apple pear. White and suitable for decorating any type of environment. 9 cm. 4.00 euros
  • SINNILING: orange candles with the sweet fragrance of peach and orange. 2.50 euro / 30 pcs
  • BRÄCKA: cheerful turquoise candles with the delicious scent of coconut and chocolate, an aroma that immediately recalls summer. 2.50 euro / 30 pcs

Unscented Ikea candles

If you don’t like persistent scents, but don’t want to give up the romantic mood of a soft light, Ikea also offers unscented candles available in different colors, sizes and formats, including candles and candles. Here are some examples from the assortment.

  • HEMSJÖ: unscented candle, natural, 8 cm, 2.00 euro / 4 pcs
  • KLOKHET: unscented candle, purple, 25 cm, 3.00 euro / 8 pcs
  • PHENOMEN: Decoration kit consisting of 11 pieces, 22.95 euros
  • PHENOMEN: floating candle without perfume, natural, 4.00 euro / 24 pcs
  • OVÄRDERLIG: unscented candle, round / green, 9.5 cm, 3.00 euros
  • VÄXLANDE: unscented candle, pine cone-shaped / white, 8 cm, 3.00 euro / 2 pcs

Ikea led candles

LED candles completely replace traditional ones. And they are ideal if there are children in the house.
From Ikea you can find:

  • GODAFTON: set of 3 indoor / outdoor LED candles, battery / natural, 12.00 euros
  • GODAFTON: LED candle, indoor / outdoor, with batteries / natural, 8.00 euro / 6 PCS

ikea GODAFTON candles

Ikea candles: lanterns and candle holders

The candles are magical of them, but the “lace” or “stars” effect that a particular lantern can give, amplifies everything!

Here are some furnishing ideas.

  • BORRBY: lantern for candle, 44 cm, 17.00 euros
  • VINTERFEST: lantern for candles, indoor / outdoor, red, 21 cm with star-shaped tracery, 4.00 euros
  • ENRUM: lantern for candle, indoor / outdoor, white, 27 cm, in white or black version, 8.00 euros
  • PUMP: vase / lantern, in clear glass, 28 cm, € 9.95

Other decorations

Candles create atmosphere and transform any occasion into a special moment. The Ikea catalog offers various accessories to make them even more festive. Here are a couple of examples.

  • KULÖRT: decoration, crushed glass, white, 2.07 / Kg
  • SPRICKA: decoration for candle with glass, willow, 7 cm, 5.00 euros

Ikea Byredo candles

New for winter 2021: Osynlig, which in Swedish means “invisible”. A collection of scented candles born from the union between the Swedish furniture giant and the Byredo brand, which creates intoxicating fragrances for the body. Thirteen candles, each different in scent and color, inserted in a colored ceramic jar.

The union of the two brands is very significant: on the one hand the most popular furniture brand in the world, on the other the refinement of Byredo perfumes. Each Ikea-Byredo candle will be characterized by two colors with reference to the essences that compose it.
Osynlig candles will be divided by categories:

  • fresh
  • floral
  • woody

Among the various formulations stand out fig and cypress, cotton and apple blossom, tea leaves and verbena, pomegranate and amber.

Byredo candles are available online on the IKEA website and in physical Ikea stores starting from November 2020.

Estimated cost between 4.00 and 20.00 euros each.

Ikea candles are bad?

Wax and paraffin are the main ingredients present in the composition of Ikea candles, both of which are generally harmless to humans.

As for fragrances, these could cause disturbance and annoyance to allergic or hypersensitive subjects.

Here are some rules to limit the presumed toxicity of candles:

  • burn only one candle at a time and for a maximum of 3 or 4 hours
  • make sure the wick is cut before each use
  • protect candles in airtight containers to avoid contact with dust or other airborne particles


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