How to furnish your home studio

Special home furniture studio: furnish the home studio it is a great challenge, as it involves combining the professional style with the aesthetics chosen in the home.

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  • 1 Home studio furniture: which style to choose?

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    • 1.5 The welcoming style
  • 2 Home furniture studio: how to customize the studio

    • 2.1 Comfort First of All
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    • 3.1 Home furniture studio: Art All Around
    • 3.2 Color, Color, Color
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home studio furniture: furniture tips and solutions

Here are some tips to define the study and make it pleasant, functional and practical to use at all times.

Home studio furniture: which style to choose?

The minimal style

This style defines the study in terms of geometric purity and goes well with homes that have already chosen this aesthetic as their favorite.

What to include in a style study minimal? First of all, a sober table, enriched by a backsplash where to place printers and various peripherals. This is followed by the insertion of a style chair and the decoration of the adjacent wall with rigorous and graphic prints. The colors look to the optical hues, such as black and white, with few and well-selected forays of color.

Style saves space

This style bypasses many aesthetics, to place itself at the service of an intelligent distribution of the volumes available in optics save space. A foldaway study corner it can be organized in the basement or in a niche of the house. Green light to simple elements, made of natural wood and to a definition of colors as clear as possible, so as not to ‘suffocate’ the little space we already have available.

The romantic style

Why not? Even the professional studio at home can be romantic and feature a nice, small white table and a soft chair enriched with bows and floral textiles. On the walls, pink, lilac and blue and many significant paintings of the profession. Light points in rice paper and many striking ornaments complete the professional environment, tailor-made for those who want comfortable spaces even during work.


Designed for technological souls, the hi-tech studio presents sober shapes, but enriched by the best technology available on the market. A monitor hanging on the wall, a ceiling projector and a computer console are the basic elements. They are associated with a chair and the presence of shelves to allocate the manuals.

The welcoming style

If it happens to have to welcome customers into the house, it is advisable to think about a couple of sessions to dedicate to them, which must be positioned in front of the mother station in the desk. A monitor to view the works, a jug with fresh water and glasses and a beautiful vase of fresh flowers complete the study. Welcoming, sober and professional.

Home furniture studio: how to customize the studio

Each study must be tailored to the profession that takes place, especially if it is a welcome point for customers.

If the profession is linked to the beauty sector, it may be useful to invest in effective photographic panels, just as if you work in new technologies it is important to always make a small reference to the sector to which you belong.

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Customers will immediately feel ‘in the right place’ and the users of the studio will be able to find themselves in an environment consistent with their work, even if it is inserted in the home environment.

Having a home studio is of fundamental importance for freelancers, but also for those who study or for those who need a quiet and private space to work on the computer – or relax with a cup of tea and some interesting reading, why not. .

The studio is one of those rooms that risks being too serious and aseptic, too focused on the working aspect and not much on the living aspect. Luckily, customizing a studio is really simple: here are some tips for a studio that reflects your personality.

Comfort First of All

Who said that the study must be strict and focused solely in order to obtain a result? Convenience is essential for a pleasant workspace: this is why a series of precautions are necessary for a more comfortable work.

A nice office chair with a back support, for example, will be essential; but also a vintage armchair with soft cushions, if that is your ideal of comfort. Those who spend a lot of time at the computer can invest in a footrest to rest their legs, also excellent for posture.

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Pc holder desks

Here are also all the solutions of pc holder desks that we have reviewed for you.

Home studio furniture: Art All Around

One of the best ways to customize a studio is to take advantage of the decorative power of art:

  • a large abstract painting hanging on the wall in front of which you always sit will provide a nice distraction for the eyes, as well as add that extra touch that is missing in a flat studio.

Particular ornaments and figurines will be welcome in a studio, because in addition to being beautiful they are also useful: they can serve as bookends, for example, combining aesthetics and functionality.

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Create a moodboard to hang on the wall within reach is the ideal solution for those who are not art fans but still want to shake up their home studio. What is it about? The moodboard is simply a panel where you can attach all the images that offer inspiration; it can be a simple cork panel with notes, photos and various images where you can let your imagination run free.

Color, Color, Color

According to the psychology of color, color has an effect on emotions and moods: that’s why painting the walls of the studio is a good idea, especially if you choose the most appropriate color.

The blue, the green, the turquoise, the Grey and all shades of white are great for studying; eventually, if you love bright colors, you can think of painting a single wall of the studio in a strong shade – better a wall to which they turn their backs to add personality to the studio without penalizing concentration.

More tips for your home office

Here are some other practical tips:

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