the novelties of the range of pvc flooring

Iperceramica catalog 2021: let’s take a look at all the new products in the range of pvc flooring, you can choose between different finishes, colors and you will have the advantage of being able to renovate any room in the house with minimal expense and a lot of style.


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Pvc floors are one of the most current choices and affordable if you’re going to renovate your home, but without spending too much. The budget needed for cover your floors with pvc panels it is certainly lower on average than what it would take to change the floor and install, for example, parquet.

The advantages of pvc floors they are many and undeniable. Among the pros, in addition to the price and, therefore, the savings, there is the fact that PVC, being a very versatile material, can have an infinite number of finishes and realistically reproduce any type of floor.

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From parquet, one of the most loved and used finishes, to ceramic, including majolica, to concrete for more industrial styles. The choice is also very varied as regards colors, neutral ones are the most popular, but also the warm and welcoming colors of the wood, reproduced with its veins, are very common.

Another advantage of choosing a pvc floor is its resistance: it is in fact of a material that resists very well to impacts, scratches, dirt, stains, it can be easily cleaned with water and normal detergents, it is water repellent, therefore it dries easily, it can also be used in the bathroom or kitchen.

Finally, being made of a 100% recyclable material, the pvc floor it is also eco-sustainable, suitable for those who also care about the environment and conscious choices in terms of furniture.

Now, let’s take a look at the solutions that Iperceramica offers in its 2021 catalog with regard to pvc floors. Let’s find out finishes, colors, textures and prices of each product. At the bottom you will also find a rich one image gallery to inspire you.


Larix: beige colored pvc floor with larch effect

Larix is ​​the pvc floor that imitates the veins and the finish of the Larch in beige. Its price is 13.90 euros per square meter. The slatted panels are self-adhesive and measure 2 mm thick.

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Quercus Ice: white pvc floor with oak effect

Quercus Ice is a very elegant PVC floor, with self-adhesive laying, with white oak effect finish. His price, per square meter, is 13.90 euros.


Montreal: pvc flooring with pecan, oak or walnut finish

Montreal is a pvc floor available in three different finishes: pecan, oak or plain walnut wood effect. The installation is not self-adhesive but interlocking, so you will need to purchase the necessary screws as well. The thickness of the slatted panels is 5 mm, so they are a little higher than self-adhesive ones. The price, per square meter, is 27.99 euros.


Montreal: pvc flooring with gray oak finish

Also this pvc floor, from finish that imitates gray oak wood, very modern and elegant, is equipped with click installation system, i.e. interlocking. The thickness is 5 mm and the price, per square meter, is 26.99 euros.


Toronto Sand: pvc floor with beige oak finish

Toronto Sand it’s a pvc floor with interlocking installation system, or click: to install it you will need also buy the appropriate screws and the mattress insulation to be applied under the panels. The finish is in beige oak, a very warm and welcoming color. The price, per square meter, is 27.99 euros.


Copenaghen Black: pvc floor with black oak finish

Copernaghen Black is an elegant and modern pvc floor, with finish black oak effect. The system of installation is interlocking. The thickness of the slats is about 5 mm and the price, per square meter, is 27.99 euros.


Quercus Brown: pvc floor with brown oak finish

Quercus Brown is a pvc flooring with adhesive laying system, therefore made with self-adhesive slatted panels that are placed directly on the old floor. There brown oak finish ensures a classic and very refined atmosphere to the environment. The thickness of the panels is 2 mm, therefore it will not be necessary, for installation, to make structural interventions on doors and windows. The price, per square meter, is 13.90 euros.


Iperceramica catalog 2021 pvc flooring: images and photos

We took a look at some of the Iperceramica proposals contained in the 2021 novelties catalog regarding the range of pvc flooring, both adhesive and interlocking. You will have the possibility to choose between different finishes, numerous wood effects and many colors, suitable for all types of style, from the most classic to the decidedly more modern ones. Now take a look at our image gallery for some solutions that may inspire you.


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