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Inspired by old country houses, the cottagecore style is increasingly trendy in the panorama of furniture and interior design. Here is the meaning and characteristics of this style with retro vibes, with many ideas for decorating the house in every environment.


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Cottagecore style, a style of furniture that is first and foremost a lifestyle. Inspired by country houses and, more generally, to the state of well-being that derives from close contact with nature, the cottagecore style can easily be defined a cultural movement, something that transcends pure aesthetics.

The furnishing of cottagecore style houses, in fact, aims first of all to recreate an atmosphere and to evoke an imaginary. Unlike many other vintage-inspired styles – from shabby to country – cottagecore style furniture it is versatile and highly customizable. It brings to mind the warmth of the homes immersed in the greenery of our grandmothers, but provides an extremely flexible stylistic code.

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Let’s find out together what is the deep meaning of the cottagecore style in furnishings and what are its characteristics, with many inspirational ideas for every room in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom.


Cottagecore style: what it is and what it means

As anticipated, talking about cottagecore style transcends pure aesthetics and furnishings. It is about a real cultural movement, which praises the return to a simple life, with relaxed rhythms, relaxed and punctuated solely by nature and our needs.

The cottagecore lifestyle began to become popular on the Net a few years ago, exploding on social media in 2018. Initially, adolescents were the first to fantasize about a different life, light years away from globalization and the frenetic pace that contemporary society imposes on us. In spring 2020, however, thanks to the worldwide lockdown caused by the Covid-19 health emergency, the cottagecore style has reached the peak of its success making itself known in a widespread and transversal way.

Activities such as embroidery, the creation of homemade recipes and garden care have literally become viral on social media. Similarly, the portraits started to spread gorgeous country cottage where you can take refuge in full pandemic. In the following, many have tried to recreate the same atmosphere in your townhouse too: welcoming, relaxing, simply idyllic.


Cottagecore style furniture: the characteristics and the must haves

The idea behind the cottagecore style furniture is that of create a cozy and intimate refuge even in the city, in line with the rural spirit of country life and the nostalgic atmosphere of the past.

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To do this, it is necessary to use very specific materials, colors and furnishing elements. Jars of preserves, old copper pots and porcelain services for the dining room and kitchen, but also a rocking chair for the living room and beautiful floral wallpaper and embroidered doilies in the bedroom.

But let’s proceed in order and let’s start from materials. To dominate the scene as for the furniture it’s surely the wood, preferably raw and with a poorly finished appearance. The ideal, in these cases, is to go to a second-hand dealer or go to the antique markets, where you can find lots of goodies. With wood, they lend themselves well to recreating the cottagecore style at home natural materials such as wicker and rattan. Likewise, for textiles, turn out to be suitable cotton and wool. Just think of patchwork blankets and pillowcases, but also to the handmade shawls.

There is one cottagecore color palette. The most suitable are i pastel colours, natural shades and desaturated colors like light yellow, brown, but also olive green, sage green, lavender, baby blue and antique pink.


Kitchen style cottagecore

Among all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is definitely the heart of cottagecore style furnishings. On the other hand, it is precisely here that homemade cakes, jars of jam and other delicacies are prepared, as suggested by the cottagecore lifestyle.

Wooden furniture is preferred, neutral and raw or white lacquered. Yes to the brick walls – even just one, behind the hob – and to the antique appliances or vintage design, like the refrigerator.

Everything is in plain sight in the cottagecore style kitchen. Pots, dishes and bowls are not hidden but exposed, as if to imply that everything is always ready to set the table and welcome guests. To top it off, a nice one checkered tablecloth, embroidered pot holders and fresh flowers.


Cottage style living room

Now let’s move on to the living room. As for the symbolic room of the living area, the ideal would be decorate the walls with a botanical print wallpaper, floral or vegetable. Alternatively, choose to repaint the walls with delicate pastel colors.

Green light to mix of prints and fabrics, which evoke the typical patchwork of country houses. Don’t forget to place a comfortable padded armchair next to the fireplace and to bear away on the sofas knitted covers.

Decorate small tables and cabinets with embroidered doilies and, as for the kitchen, indulge yourself with floral bouquets to be placed in glass vases or ceramic jugs with a retro design.


Cottage style bedroom

For a perfect cottagecore bedroom, it’s important play with the textile elements. Choose natural fabrics such as cotton and linen in the summer, while the wool it is the passepartout of winter.

Favorite blankets, sheets and pillows with lace and flowers. The bed is strictly in wrought iron or wood, while the bedside tables are covered with doilies or embellished with vases filled with fresh flowers.

If the square footage of your room allows it, place a nice rocking chair in a corner.


Cottagecore style bathroom

The cottagecore style can be inspirational also for bathroom furnishings, which is once again the relaxing environment par excellence. Among the essential elements the wrought iron sink, flanked by the freestanding bathtub, with brass or ceramic feet and to be placed preferably in the center of the room.

Side by side with the tub a wooden stool or a small wicker armchair. Decorate the bathroom with fresh flowers, to be placed in a jug.

Finally, make room for containers and jars for bath salts and dried flowers and soft towels in light colors to be stored carefully in a cabinet or between the shelves of solid wooden shelves.


Cottagecore style: images and photos

Did you like our advice on the cottagecore style in furnishing? Take a look at the gallery below: you will find many images to take inspiration from, for every room in your home.


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