Kitchen rugs and runners: what characteristics? our advice

Special kitchen rugs and runners: many solutions to protect the floor and avoid slipping. We have also selected for you many models of different sizes to create a comfortable and pleasant environment.

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  • 1 Practical and insulating
  • 2 Coordinate your rug with existing kitchen décor
  • 3 Choose a durable material and a type of fabric that meets your needs
  • 4 Consider rugs that are easy to clean
  • 5 Security
  • 6 Kitchen rugs: selection guide

    • 6.1 The runners
  • 7 Our selection

    • 7.1 Runner ABC
    • 7.2 Arturo di Zerbinando
    • 7.3 Sphere
  • 8 Other cooking tips

Practical and insulating

Your kitchen is more than just a place where you cook meals and share them with your family. It is the place where often you have dinner with the family, where you share the remember and the emotions of the day.

Finding a perfect rug will give your kitchen the inviting atmosphere of a gathering space while protecting at the same time. If your kitchen floor is wood, linoleum, or tile, adding a rug will give you the benefits of noise reduction and a sense of cushioning for your feet.

THE carpets for the kitchen they are therefore essential textiles for the good organization of the environment and they must be practical and functional.

In summary i carpets perform the classic functions of soundproofing is thermal and therefore they bring comfort.

Follow our four tips to make sure you choose the best rug for your needs.

Coordinate your rug with existing kitchen décor

Do you want your kitchen to be elegant or welcoming? Whether you are looking for a small or large size rug, it is important to choose a piece that coordinates well with your floor and furniture.

For example, if your kitchen cabinet or décor includes bright colors, consider a neutral rug that doesn’t compete with your design.

You can also measure the vividness of color or design of your carpet compared to the tones or grain of yours wooden floor.

If you’re looking to brighten a neutral kitchen, you can choose a color-saturated rug under the kitchen table or in front of the sink – it’s a great way to transform the look of the room without making too many changes.

Choose a durable material and a type of fabric that meets your needs

The kitchen rug must be water resistant for when you will inevitably drop a pot or spill something out the door of the kitchen. fridge.

It should also be super soft to save falling dishes and also give your feet a break when cooking for long periods of time.

If your kitchen tends to be very busy, a flat-weave rug is an ideal choice. Flat textures tend to be colorfast, so they are beautiful and durable.

They are made in cotton and others fibers easy to maintain, which means that when they are dirty you can wash them in washing machine. Your pets will also be less interested in tearing a flat-weave rug, as it’s woven with smaller loops that don’t grab as easily with teeth and nails.

Do you have floors in tiles in the kitchen? Consider putting a wool carpet under your kitchen table. This way the floor will warm up immediately, enhancing your decor. A thicker carpet also provides extra padding underfoot to add comfort and reduce noise.

Consider rugs that are easy to clean

As anticipated, flat weave cotton rugs are machine washable. In addition, rugs made with natural fibers like jute, sisal or bamboo they are easy to wash by hand with soap and water and are sturdy enough to withstand the fact that you often walk on them.

Walking causes a series of stains: you can also consider rugs in polyester and polypropylene.

First, they are fireproof, which is an obvious plus in the kitchen.

Traditionally used as indoor / outdoor rugs, they are also by far the easiest to clean. Fast and aggressive cleaning methods can be used, such as scrubbing or bleaching.

For gentler cleaning options, read our guide on how to wash carpets with eco products.

The security

It is important to think about safety when buying a kitchen rug. There are a couple of options when it comes to preventing slip and fall accidents.

Some rugs have a specific non-slip felt coating, so the rug stays in place by itself.

Kitchen rugs: selection guide

Once you have received our advice, which are the main ones characteristics to be evaluated then?

The characteristics are to be found in theimpermeability, in resistance and in base in rubber or in non-slip plastics.

  • The rugs must, in fact, help those who cook not to slip, absorb water and make themore comfortable and safe environment.
  • They must be easy to wash, robust to the trampling and in stylistic line with the furnishing of the environment.

There are models that look to modern style, perhaps with graphic echoes that recall the environment. Others are inspired by a more allure romantic, which use decorations or delicates pastel colours.

The runners

We also talk about runner, carpets long is close which are usually placed in parallel to the plan of work.

  • THE runner they associate with kitchen rugs of smaller dimensions, that come positioned below the sink.
  • These rugs are for absorb any sketches of water and to make this area safety is never slippery.

Kitchen rugs can therefore define this environment with functionality, but still looking for thestylistic harmony and beauty.

They can also be placed in the case of kitchens with island, to ensure comfort and define these spaces, but they can also be chosen of big dimensions and and positioned under the dining table, if it is in the kitchen.

Our selection

Each kitchen has its own carpet, so we see one selection to guide us in purchasing and understand the characteristics of this textile complement.

Runner ABC

Made of polyamide with non-slip back for the kitchen rug of ABC. A runner small in size, 57 x 140 cm, showing a black background with red and gray graphics.

Nice and decisive, this kitchen rug is offered at the cost of 19.90 euros.

You can also find it on offer on Amazon:

ABC Dinner Kitchen Rug, Nylon, Gray / Orange, 57 x 140 cm

Price: € 18.15 Savings: € 10.85 (37%)

Arturo of Doormat

A collection of kitchen rugs, made with the shape of runner. They are ideal for classic environments, as well as for solutions shabby is rustic.

The kitchen rugs in the collection are available in a large variety of colors, are non-slip and washable. The cost starts from 28 euros for the little one runner from 50 x 140cm.


Let’s finish one collection of non-slip kitchen rugs easy to wash. Different sizes that allow you to insert a comfortable runner is functional to everyday gestures. Many colors available, for a collection of rugs starting from 31.90 euros for the format 55 x 240cm.

Here it is for sale on Amazon

LINEN WEB Carpet Runner Runner Kitchen Anti-slip Stain-resistant Washable Sphere Suardi 55×240 cm Gray

Price: € 41.22

CapitanCasa Kitchen Carpet with Non-slip Back Model Sphere 55×140 cm Kiwi

Price: € 30.78

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