Guide to choosing the best runner, non-slip and washable

There runner it is a narrow and thick long carpet that is placed on the ground and used to outline specific portions of the house.

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  • 1 What it is for
  • 2 Characteristics and functionality of the runner
  • 3 Non-slip kitchen runner

    • 3.1 The Gruppone
  • 4 Washable runners

    • 4.1 Jute & co
  • 5 Other ideas for the carpet

What is it for

There runner, if you think about it, it looks like a kind of runner. It can be used on stairs to muffle the noise and increase thesoundproofing.
Its most classic uses, however, are under the sink as kitchen rug, and throughout the worktop area, or in the bathroom. The long and narrow strip of fabric allows to protect a certain corner from wear, but also from splashes of water or food.
It therefore mainly plays a protective and functional role in the home.

Characteristics and functionality of the runner

The features are the same that we find in carpets in general.

  • The usefulness and functionality of these complements is high, because it is textile that protect the floor and guarantee the right thermal insulation ed acoustic. At the same time they therefore increase the value and beauty of the apartment over time.
  • Important is the function insulating of the runner, which is discovered above all in the positioning on the stairs. At one time the runner was present on all scales, especially on wooden stairs. It was used to cushion the blows and thus protect privacy in the house.
  • As for the runner dedicated to service environments such as the kitchen and the bathroom, it is a complement that allows you to protect the floor and not dirty there kitchen. For this reason it must be made in fibers waterproof that yes dry quickly and guarantee hygiene and practicality in the home.

There is no limit to the availability of fibers, forms is decorations .

In light of these characteristics, let’s see some examples available on the market.

Non-slip kitchen runner

Ottomanson proposes a very decorative carpet in his Chocolate Collection.

  • It is a system with different measures, which start from 50 x 150 cm, proposed at the cost of 20.78 EUR.
  • It boasts a pair of reassuring colors in shades of Brown.
  • The non-slip bottom makes it suitable for environments such as the kitchen and bathroom.

The Gruppone

Always non-slip, here it is The Gruppone a colorful carpet that reproduces all the spices of the kitchen:

  • many available sizes and formats, to safely and stably cover the floor next to the worktop.
  • The measure 50 x 150 cm it costs € 27.90.

Washable runners

Those looking for a proposal to adapt to one fresh and contemporary cuisine, can elect the proposals of LaVelaHome.

  • Completely made in pvc cold washable, it is a system waterproof.
  • It comes in 3 different sizes and with a thickness of 3 mm.
  • The measure 50 x 245 cm is offered at the cost of 33 EUR.

Kitchen carpet gray black writing love non-slip life design living (cm 50 x 180)

Price: € 39.00

Jute & co

And finally here is a proposal in full ethnic style, made in 100% cotton natural, perfect for those who seek refined and environmentally friendly furnishing elements.

  • This is the carpet of Jute & co., from the size of 60 x 200 cm.
  • Handcrafted by expert Indian artisans, it is reversible.
  • IS washable in washing machine at high temperatures and is also recommended for underfloor heating.
  • The costo of the system is 28.51 EUR.

Jute & Co. Kilim Rug, Hand-Woven High Quality Cotton Runner, Multicolored, 90 x 150 cm

Other ideas for the carpet

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