Garden furniture trends 2021

New year, new trends! The furniture sector does not disappoint by offering new solutions with very interesting designs and colors for both the interior and the exterior of the house. For example, here are some tips for garden furniture according to the trends of 2021!


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Every year there are some new trends in all sectors and that offurniture is no exception. These reflect the historical period you are experiencing and they seek then To satisfy the needs and the need of the moment.

2021 is a year in which it is done a lot attention to the environment is they seek each other furniture of a certain design, which can guarantee practical and functional solutions. Furthermore, There are gods new colors e of the new ones fantasies trendy.

All these innovations concern not only the interior design, but also the exterior one. Eg the garden is a integral part of the house e it too it must be furnished with style, paying attention to what’s in vogue right now.

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Trendy materials

In recent years too the furniture sector began to pay more and more attention to the environment. In particular, has tried to minimize waste by aiming very on recycling.

In 2021, However, the strategy is the one of use eco-sustainable materials. We are talking for example of wood, wicker and rattan. All are perfect for creating resistant furniture, aesthetically beautiful and above all in total respect for the environment.

In particular for the garden, wicker chairs and tables have always been used. Now, as an alternative there is also the rattan which as a finish is very similar. In addition, to follow this year’s trend, a wooden table.


Furniture design

The garden in 2021 to be trendy must be furnished according to one modern style. This means that you have to to prefer gods simple furniture, without too many frills and with clean lines.

In particular, however, the watchword must be practicality. In fact, too the garden decor, just like that of the house, it must be practical and functional.

For this, it is a good solution opt for retractable furniture, or for those removable. Eg, a extendable table is a true is exactly must. It will take up little space, but if necessary it can also be perfect for dinners with several people.

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Even space-saving solutions, such as the container benches, they are excellent idea. Furthermore, the folding chairs are always a comfort which is worth opting for.


Recommended colors

To decorate the garden, particular attention must be given to the choice of colors to use. Following the pillars of the modern style, the recommended shades are neutral ones, perfect with any type of furniture.

However, in 2021 are in vogue in particular the cold and dark colors, For example black and dark brown that they should then to be the dominant shades in the garden.

They are not missing, however, of the hints of color. These are given thanks to very particular shades, such as color coral, the yellow, but also the ruby red or the Emerald.


What patterns to choose

Those who love fantasies and do not want to limit themselves to enlivening the garden only through colors, has several options. Indeed, this year I’m very popular some prints, like that jungle o even those floral.

Either way, you have to pay close attention to do not overdo it otherwise there is the risk that everything becomes excessive. These fantasies are from use eg for pillows to put on the sofa or maybe to realize a coverage.


Do not give up a comfortable immersion in nature

In recent times there has been a growing desire to be in close contact with nature. Precisely for this reason, one of the characteristics ofoutdoor furniture must be precisely that of to guarantee a real one and own immersion in the green surrounding.

This means that the furniture becomes lower and lower, for example for the garden it is preferred opt for poufs. These almost allow you to lie down on the lawn. In addition, they are very comfortable and this is one of the features that cannot be given up.

In fact, too outdoor furniture must be comfortable. For example it is for this reason that on the sofa there is no shortage never of the big ones and soft pillows.


Pay attention to the lighting

Finally, when decorating a garden you must always pay close attention to take care of all the details. Everything must be perfect in the smallest details.

For example, today special attention is also given to lighting. Indeed, even simple ones lamps are important for create of the beautiful atmospheres.

If you want a romantic garden, you choose of the lanterns to put on the floor. These I’m very innovative, they can also be made by hand thanks to creative recycling and are perfect for giving an extra touch to your garden.


Garden furniture trends 2021: images and photos

If you want to find out what are the 2021 furniture trends for the garden, take a look at the images in the gallery below. Surely you will be able to find some interesting ideas that can be right for you!


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