Best colors for the shabby chic style living room

Shabby chic style: how to choose the best colors. Which palette to use. What materials to choose to enhance the colors. And how to combine the various shades.


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Before throwing away your grandma’s old sofa, think twice! In fact, it will be perfect for the shabby chic style. This choice of furniture is very particular since sees beauty in old things and worn out. In short, we don’t throw anything away. Since he was born in Great Britain, is inspired at traditional English houses of the Florida countryside, with soft colors is fabrics valuable.

However, in order to reproduce it in our living room as well, we must learn how to choose wisely the colors to use. So, we’ll have a sitting room in shabby chic style very refined and perfectly coordinated, where you can organize fun evenings with our welcome guests.

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White shades for shabby chic style

Obviously, we cannot fail to start immediately with the color of excellence for the shabby chic style: the White it is the color of purity and elegance. With all its shades covers the rooms in an admirable and sober way. More, the aged white, where the signs of wear are even more evident, will purchase also an greater value for the shabby style chic.

Initially, we paint the walls of an White smoke: it will be less bright than the original color, but it will preserve its refinement. Furthermore, on the wood it will stand out very, also thanks to the boiseries engraved on the upholstery.

Instead, as regards the furnishings, we choose a White milk or a White titanium. They are two shades that are closest to pink-beige and have the great advantage of adapting perfectly to used furniture. For example, next to the sofa, we can put a clock milk-colored pendulum. Or on the other side of the sofa, why not, one sideboard hand painted with titanium white doors.

Finally, the sofa: the main protagonist will have to be a little brighter in order to stand out in the midst of this white blanket. So, let’s choose a white sofa natural, with the frame gold-plated. In the end, you will get an impeccable stay, with a nineteenth-century look.

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Pink shades for shabby chic style

The pink it is another color that the shabby chic style finds very interesting. Since, in fact, it has pale colors and little saturation, for the living room it will be perfect. In addition, it is not an extremely demanding color, so we can use it both for larger areas, such as walls, and for smaller details, such as lace.

So, let’s start immediately with the apricot-colored walls pale. They will immediately welcome the guest in a warm enveloping embrace, without weighing down the environment. Then, for the fabrics, we opt for a slightly brighter pink, like the complexion pink. In particular, let’s use it for i cushion coverings some chairs and for decorative laces.

Finally, of course, we do not miss the flowers: the roses will be everywhere, from the ceramic vase holder to the teriera used as a flower holder, and will inebriate the environment with their unmistakable scent. The end result will be a very romantic and delightful stay.


Blue gradation for shabby chic living room

Blue is the color of the clear sky, but also of the sea that breaks on the jagged English coasts. For this reason, with all its lighter shades, it is ideal for the shabby style living room.

More, color blue highlights the grain of the wood, which is among the best materials for the shabby chic style. For example, let’s start with a color cornflower for the walls: like the flower from which it takes its name, it is a delicate and versatile color, which makes the environment shine with its own light. Then, we also use the periwinkle, which comes very close to white for some furniture, as the library or there sideboard. Finally, the sofa it will be sugar paper, one of the most pleasant and sweet shades of blue.

To create contrast, we employ the Brown, which will also be very easy to use. For example, already with parquet we will have balanced the blue. But even wood worn out of the tables or of the chest of drawers It will be perfect. We also add a little bit of pink, which often accompanies blue, for the pillows of the sofa or the blankets with which to warm up during the winter. At the end, we will be able to admire with our eyes a delicate blue living room, simple and pleasant.


Gray shades for a shabby chic living room

As dull and dull as it may seem, gray is an elegant color that can enhance the living room. In addition, it will be easier to already appreciate the first wear of the materials with the gray color.

To paint the walls, we choose a dull gray, like the gainsboro gray. Then, the task of adding luster to the final look will be up to the other elements of the room. For example, let’s buy a sofa Pearl grey, which obviously can only shine in the environment. Then, we choose silver coatings, like the mirror frame or the pot holder for plants or the lampshade for spotlights.

Finally, we will have a sober lounge, not too flashy, but classy.


Shades of green for a chic living room

The green English countryside is illuminated by a pale sun, which caresses the grass with reverence and calm. So, in our living room, we can recreate that neutral and peaceful green.

For example, let’s choose a dull green for the walls, as a moss green or green tea, actually very British. Then, we cover with flowers the surfaces, like the fabric patterns of the sofas is the pillows, but also the hanging canvases.

Then, we abound with green details, like the lampshade of the abat jour, celadon green, or the blankets for winter, green clover. The final effect will be an enchanting living room, with colorful colors and light shades.


Best Shabby Chic Living Room Colors: Pictures and Photos

After these combinations, do you still have any doubts about how to combine the colors? Then browse the image gallery: you will find many new ideas.


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