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Lime green living room walls is the versatile trend you don’t expect and with an exotic flavor, like the fruit from which it takes its name. Here are the characteristics and meaning of the lime green color, many combinations for the living room and as many inspirational ideas for every style of furniture.

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Exotic, captivating and unexpected: the lime green color is becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design and is currently one of the favorite shades for the living room walls.

Whether it’s a single lime green wall or all over lime green, the living room with lime green walls is one of the most popular trends of the moment among the admirers of vibrant and bright colors.

This very special shade of green, which it takes its name from the lime fruit, it’s an explosion of energy. It represents the perfect choice for those who love living in the living room and do not disdain a burst of vitality even in this room which is usually used by most for relaxation.

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Contrary to what one might think, lime green – in all its shades – it is very versatile and fits easily to different styles of furniture. Let’s find out together what are the combinations that best enhance lime green and many ideas for a living room declined in this brilliant nuance.

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Lime green color: characteristics and meaning

There are many shades of green, but the lime green color certainly stands out from all the others for its brightness and liveliness. This greenish yellow color takes its name from the homonymous exotic fruit and, if you are wondering how to get it, just add small amounts of blue to yellow until the desired shade is reached.

Alternatively, if you want to think in more scientific terms, you need to mix the following colors in the right percentages: red (19.61%), green (80.39%), blue (19.61%).

Obviously, they are many shades of lime green to choose from. It ranges from light lime green or pastel to fluo lime green, much more intense and impactful.

The meaning of the color lime green it is closely linked to its chromatic characteristics, but sometimes it takes on a negative connotation. It is often associated with discord, but on the other hand it is also a symbol of exuberance, energy and youth.

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Lime green: best combinations for the living room

The lime green color it is perfectly balanced and it can be safely considered neutral, as it is neither hot nor cold. It follows that the combinations to choose from are really many. Lime green goes beautifully both with neutral colors like gray than with brighter shades, from red to orange, passing through yellow and blue.

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Among the colors to combine with lime green, the best for the stay I’m:

  • White
  • black
  • Grey
  • blue
  • Violet
  • red
  • Orange
  • yellow
  • Brown (all shades of wood)

Much depends, of course, on the shade of lime green you choose, but you must also pay attention to the style of furniture in your home.

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Living room fluorescent lime green walls for a modern environment

The fluo lime green is the choice perfect for a modern living room, fresh and lively. Ideal for a home inhabited by a young couple or anyone who strongly believes in color and loves intense brushstrokes even in the living room.

Paint all the walls a neon lime green it is not the only possibility. Possibly it’s possible also to paint a single lime green wall and leave the others blank.

A stay of this type is best enhanced by the choice of elements and furnishing accessories with a contemporary taste: suspended furniture, low table and sofa with square lines with metal feet.

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Lime green and gray walls for a trendy living room

Among the colors that best match with lime green there is certainly the gray. Acid green and gray walls are a stylish idea, extremely trendy and very versatile, able to adapt to different environments.

Choose gray for sofas and armchairs, combining furnishings and knick-knacks in lime green. Not to underestimate the idea of acid green and gray striped walls, different from the usual and out of the box.

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Living room pale lime green walls for a chic vibe

The living room with lime green walls is not necessarily a choice tied to a contemporary style. By choosing pale lime green or pastel walls a world of opportunity opens up.

These include the possibility of combine lime green with furniture, and more classic style furnishings and highly sought after. The result is a stay of impact, of great refinement and not at all obvious.

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Living room lime green and white walls for an elegant style

Lime green is a challenging color, especially when used on all walls. An idea to dampen its liveliness and make it less strong is match it with white. An elegant, timeless and classy choice, especially if lime green is chosen for one wall only or for individual elements such as niches and columns.

The combination with white makes the environment light and airy. We advise you to indulge yourself with textile furnishing elements and knick-knacks by adding further touches of color in shades of blue, for example.

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Lime green and orange walls for an energizing living room

There are those who love soft colors in the living room and those who, on the other hand, love colorful and lively environments. One of the best combinations, in this case, is that of lime green walls with yellow or orange, vitamin shades perfectly in line with the mood of the nuance.

We recommend this combination for a modern, colorful and minimal living room, without frills or frills: the colors speak and steal the show.

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Living room lime green walls: pictures and photos

Did you like our living room tips with lime green walls? Do not miss the gallery of images below: you will find many other ideas to better furnish your living area.


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