Furnish bedroom 4×4

Do you think it is impossible to furnish a 4 × 4 bedroom? Not so, even a room of this size can be set up properly. In these cases, just think of alternative and practical solutions and be original. Here’s how to do it!

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One bedroom 4 × 4 definitely it is not very easy to furnish as it is very small. Fortunately, however, we must also consider that in this room there are few really essential pieces of furniture, so a minimal décor is more than perfect.

However, in these cases the best solution is to be creative and opt for original ideas that allow us of not having to give up anything and at the same time not to take up too much space.

The bedroom, in fact, it must not be left bare. In reverse, it must be treated in every detail and be as much as possible comfortable possible.

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Avoid cluttering the bed

The bed in the bedroom is critical. However, it’s also the bulkiest furniture of all, and in a 4 × 4 room it certainly takes up precious space. In this case, therefore, the secret is that of to choose a not bulky bed.

We are talking, for example, of the retractable models. These are perfect because of the day they can be hooked to the wall and so you will have much more free space. Furthermore, I’m often they are also a lot beautiful when they close and will beautify the room.

An alternative solution, however, is that of opt for a sofa bed. Even in this way, in fact, you will not have the footprint of a fixed bed in the center of the room. In addition, the sofa can also be used to sit on.

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Opt for a mezzanine

If the bedroom is quite high, one way to save space is opt for a mezzanine. You can use it to create a sort of walk-in closet, but also to put the bed in it.

A solution alternative are also loft beds. They are very comfortable because the space below can be used in many different ways, for example some models have a wardrobe very broad already integrated and are the ideal solution for small bedrooms.

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Furnish with shelves

The secret of having a small room is that of furnish it using the height and using space-saving furniture. In these cases, the shelves are perfect as they mount on the walls and do not take up any space.

Furthermore, I’m very comfortable to embellish the room, allowing us to lean on various ornaments or even objects that you need. Furthermore, you can exploit them also as bedside tables, mounting two on the sides of the bed.

A model of shelves very practices are then those at an angle. They are perfect for taking advantage of a space that would probably remain unused. You can choose how many to mount, by placing one on top of the other you can also obtain a sort of library.

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Create a built-in wardrobe

If in the house you have no other space for a wardrobe and you have to put it in the bedroom, don’t worry, can be there also in a bedroom 4 × 4.

In this case, we recommend make a built-in wardrobe that takes up an entire wall. You don’t need too much depth, that’s enough exploit only height and length available.

Upright as many rods and shelves as possible in order to have many shelves available. Finally, close the whole with a particular door, perhaps decorated. In this way the built-in wardrobe will make your room special.

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Use light colors

One of the secrets to furnish a small room is that of use light colors. In fact, these reflect more light and they will make the space seem available bigger.

Also, remember that in general a bedroom should not be decorated in too dark colors. Neutral colors are needed not too strong, so as to create a relaxing environment.

For this, paint the walls white, or alternatively powder pink. Choose then also a light decor. If you want to add a touch of color, focus on details and do not hesitate to use curtains, carpets and cushions of a beautiful color and pattern to revive a little’ there room.

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Create optical illusions with mirrors and lights

There are so many optical effects that can be created to make a 4 × 4 bedroom look bigger. One of these plans to focus on good lighting.

In fact, a bright room gives the feeling of being more spacious. So, first of all make sure the sun filters through the windows avoiding the use of curtains and shutters. Then, you choose a nice chandelier, but also gods spotlights or of the lamps to put in the room.

Another optical effect can be achieved thanks to mirrors. In order not to take up any space we recommend choose those on the wall. You can place them as soon as you enter, on the wall adjacent to the door.

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Furnishing a 4 × 4 bedroom: images and photos

In the following gallery you can see different proposals for furnishing a 4 × 4 bedroom. Do not hesitate to take a look, you might find solutions that are right for you!


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