the choice of interior design 2021

The interior furnishing trends for 2021 focus on the use of natural raw materials and innovative materials, the result of creativity and technology. Domestic environments are enriched with natural materials such as wood, glass, marble, but the protagonists are the innovative materials obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles, metal cans and much more.

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There password in the interior design in 2021 is no doubt sustainability. The new year, in fact, opens with a new awareness. Put in the center of everything respect for the environment and a more conscious use of resources natural. The change had already begun a few years ago, but the spread of the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated this transformation process.

For the first time, as never before, it became clear to everyone the role that nature plays in our lives. There pandemic it forced us to close ourselves in our homes and give up the opportunities for life in the open air. Furthermore, our homes have become the focus of our lives.

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There home has become the center of our world: workplace or study, space for relaxation and conviviality, next to those that are the daily activitiesas well as basic needs such as eating or sleeping.

The interior design must take into account these changes in the way of life and, create solutions that best meet our needs. So how does this new way of living translate into home decor? The answer is certainly in the choice of innovative materials, in the search for solutions that can make the multifunctional home environments.

The most used materials in 2021

THE used materials in the creation of furnishing elements they aim at environmental sustainability, the conscious use of natural resources and the choice of recyclable raw materials. In fact, they go back to being protagonists completely natural raw materials like wood, glass, marble or stone. In addition, there is no shortage too innovative materials obtained from the recycling of other materials such as metal cans, plastic bottles and also scraps of marble, wood and many others.


The wood

The wood is undoubtedly the protagonist in this 2021. Completely natural, recyclable, but also insulating, resistant and aesthetically beautiful, wood makes domestic environments warm and welcoming. The trend is to choose only wood coming from sustainable crops and certified.

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Used not only for furniture, but also for coatings, floors or decorations, wood gives a touch of refinement to environments. The choice of wood is oriented towards Light colors, of Scandinavian inspiration, but there are also i references to boho-chic or to vintage style.


Marble or stone

The marble is perhaps among all the more expensive material, but completely natural. The interior design trend in 2021 sees marble as a precious material to be used in some furnishing elements. In fact, a house entirely in marble, however elegant, refined and luxurious, would also be cold and unwelcoming.

For this reason, marble is used for example, to decorate a wall, or for the coatings in the bathroom, or like kitchen worktop. Perfect too for those who love decorations, marble gives a touch of elegance to the rooms.


The glass

Much loved for his transparency and for the sense of cleanliness that transfers, the glass back to being one of the most used materials in 2021. One of the 2021 trends in interior design concerns the creations of airy and bright environments and, what better material to represent this trend? Glass therefore becomes indispensable for making large windows or interior doors that give a sense of greater depth to the environments.

For those looking for a touch of color and refinement, the choice of inlaid or decorated glass. Glass is a natural and recyclable material.


Innovative materials

We have already said that alongside natural materials, in 2021 the protagonists are also innovative materials obtained from the recycling of other raw materials. Eg, metal cans are recycled, plastic bottles, processing waste. Thus gods are born innovative materials also recyclable, but extremely versatile and efficient.

  • Laminam. It is about porcelain stoneware slabs perfect for floors, walls and many other applications. Fully recyclable, laminam is a versatile material. Resistant and of great aesthetic impact, it is perfect for both interiors and exteriors.
  • Fenix it is a resistant, durable and scratch-resistant material. It is about panels used for the realization of kitchen worktops.
  • Paperstone. It is a material obtained from cardboard recycling. These are numerous overlapping layers of paper and cardboard, coupled with a natural resin. An innovative material that finds many applications. Resistant, aesthetically striking and easy to clean.
  • Lapitec: sintered stone slabs with the reproduction of veins reminiscent of the natural ones of stone or marble. Available in different colors it is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Fraganite. It is an innovative material consisting of natural resins and quartz. It is resistant to shocks, scratches and heat and has an attractive aesthetic.


Innovative materials: photos and images

The epochal changes we have experienced with the arrival of the coronavirus epidemic has contributed to the spread and strengthening of a new green awareness. Sustainable materials and innovative products become the protagonists of interior design. Browse the gallery and discover the trends of 2021.


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