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5 modern ideas for decorating with an antique wardrobe

Where to place an antique wardrobe in a modern home? 5 functional ideas to integrate an antique wardrobe in modern environments. Mix & match, style tips for decorating your home with an antique element.

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Often happen to inherit an antique piece of furniture or to fall in love at first sight with an antique, than in a context of furniture modern does not find absolutely place. but yet, it is possible to mix old and new by following very specific style rules.

In fact, one of the latest interior design trends aims to make two elements interact with each other, which at first glance would seem to have nothing in common. For example, an antique wardrobe can be recovered and transformed according to your needs, in a manner such as to integrate it perfectly even in a modern house.

With our style tips you can transform an antique piece into a useful and functional piece of furniture. If you want to convey a unique and original touch to the furniture, find out how: here are 5 modern ideas for furnishing a contemporary setting with an antique wardrobe.

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Mix & match: style tips

Antique is not vintage. An antique piece it belongs to a distant time: usually it should be placed between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, even if there are much older specimens and with a greater economic value. This clarification is a must, because an antique wardrobe has features very different from the newer models.

In the past the furnishings were conceived with shapes, volumes and dimensions totally different from those of today. Then, before deciding where to place the cabinet, it is necessary to make some considerations to understand where and how to intervene. To mix ancient and modern in an effective way, follow these tips of style:

  1. evaluate the dimensions and overall dimensions: the closet it will have to integrate perfectly with the rest of the furnishings. This means that it must not get in the way, nor hinder the passage in any way;
  2. place the cabinet in a clearly visible place of the room: to make the most of it choose to isolate it from the rest of the furnishings;
  3. if the color doesn’t match with the dominant palette of the room, consider the hypothesis of resort to a hand of paint. In this regard, before proceeding with the DIY, it is always advisable consult a professional: if the wardrobe is very damaged, you could compromise the other furnishings as well;
  4. the function of the cabinet must be consistent with the her collocation: wherever you decide to place it, you will need to find a suitable function for it. Turn it into a new piece of furniture: here’s how.

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1. Coat hangers at the entrance

Let’s start with the entrance: what better way to take advantage of an antique wardrobe? Turn it into a comfortable clothes hanger wardrobe for bags, coats and jackets. Being an already important piece of furniture of its own, you will not need further additions.

If you want, However, you can enter a great mirror inside the door, with which you can check yourself before going out. As for the location, prefer a free wall near the door e place it alongside a painting, a plant in pot and an umbrella stand.

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2. Library for the living room

A closet in the living room it might seem out of context, but turning it into a bookcase you will give it a more than valid function. The only precaution will be to provide for the creation of the internal shelves, which will be made to measure; for example, could obtain the shelves using own the doors of the cabinet, in order to obtain a bookcase with open doors.

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3. Pantry in the kitchen

How to integrate an antique cupboard inside a kitchen with a contemporary design? We suggest you turn it into a pantry, which will help you keep food supplies, dishes and everything else in order in this chaotic room of the house.

If you decide to place the cupboard in the kitchen, you will need to make your new furniture impermeable to humidity and resistant to sudden changes in temperature; the wood will be treated, sanded and painted with special products. The final touch will be entrusted to the color: choose a paint suitable for wood, which is washable, waterproof and protective.

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4. Antique wardrobe in the bedroom

In a bedroom modern, the wardrobe can absolve quietly to its original function. To give it the right importance find the right location, choosing a bright and clear wall from any other furniture.

More, if the wood of your closet clashes with colors furniture surrounding, consider painting it. Color consistency is one of the basic rules for mixing ancient and modern together.

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5. Bathroom furniture

If the size of the bathroom allows it, could think about place your antique wardrobe even in this room of the house. It is about a choice of style extremely refined, which allows you to have an entire wardrobe at your disposal, which you can use as you wish. Since the bathroom is a very humid environment, you will have to preserve the furniture from the attack of mold with a treatment thermal e anti-condensation.

Ideas for furnishing with an antique wardrobe in a modern home

Furnishing with an antique wardrobe: images and photos

As you have seen, furnishing a modern house with an antique wardrobe is not only possible, but it is also a very current trend, capable of giving the rooms character and refinement. In this gallery of images you will find many other examples from which you can immediately take inspiration.


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