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Coffee tables

Useful, at times essential to amplify the comfort in a convivial and welcoming room like the living room. These are the coffee tables, the famous coffee tables that it is impossible to do without. Let’s see some interesting ideas to guide you in choosing your favorite.

coffee tables

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Small, large, of design or rustic, in some cases handmade: here the vast world of coffee tables. It is about an element which completes the decor and offering a functionality which is difficult to give up. The coffee table, in fact, is useful in case you need a foothold near the sofa, but also to set up small aperitifs and corners for the five o’clock tea, to be sipped in an intimate and close place, such as the area for sofas and armchairs.

It can be transformed, the coffee table, even in a comfortable place where to enjoy dinner, when you want to indulge and pamper yourself in front of a movie, or how comfortable footrest. In short, a small but versatile element. The ideas and inspirations about it are endless, we show you a rich selection.

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Space-saving coffee table

If your living room is small but you don’t want to give up the comfort of a coffee table, here is the idea for you and that will solve all space problems. It is about a small table living room made to be inserted next to the sofa, making the most of the space available.

This coffee table is consisting of a slender and light structure, designed to fit perfectly with most models of sofas and armchairs. A great way to take advantage of the seating area without giving up the convenience of a foothold.

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Perfect footrest with the coffee table

A classic living room, with the typical abundance of colors, fabrics and shapes. It is in such an environment that it creeps in and comes to stay the upholstered and fabric-lined coffee table and soft support. It may not be ideal for use as a surface for drinks or glasses, but it becomes the ultimate in comfort, giving the opportunity to enjoy the lounge corner in complete relaxation.

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Creativity and style with the colored coffee table

If the your home is decorated in neutral colors and basic and you want to give to the environment a touch of color, take advantage of an element such as the coffee table to attract attention with a lively and bright tone. In this case the yellow coffee table will be noticed, in a context where all the other furniture and furnishing accessories are in gray or white. Yellow is an ideal color to give the home a young and cheerful look.

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Modular coffee tables

If simplicity is not for you, if you are always looking for the best in details and from the details in terms of furniture, then this is the coffee table model that’s right for you. A metal structure says goodbye to classic shapes, to get lost in the sinuosity of a circle.

The colour gold is of great impact. The surface is of White marble. A true masterpiece. Furthermore, this structure is designed to be combined in two twin pieces, but of different sizes. A larger and a smaller coffee table become the spearhead for your living room. These models are suitable for Nordic style homes.

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Design for the coffee table

If your living room is a real art exhibition, a small museum where the most beautiful pieces of furniture that are in circulation converge, then you can’t miss the design coffee table. Inspired by a beehive, in shape and color, with thick marble feet, this coffee table breaks the mold and draw all attention to him. Perfect for an eclectic and timeless home.

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DIY coffee table

Creatives and artists, but also those who try their hand at DIY for the first time, you are all called to attention. The coffee table for the living room it can be a pretext to hone your skills in DIY. The easiest way to making a DIY coffee table is to use pallets or boxes for fruit, elements with regular shapes that lend themselves to easy assembly. Have fun painting and mounting the various pieces together with screws. The result can only be original.

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Crafty coffee table

If you love to watch a movie during the weekend dinner, or if you need an extra shelf to work or study, here is the crafty coffee table, equipped with an opening surface, which rises to a greater height, allowing you to carry out your activities comfortably from the sofa. Not bad.

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Coffee tables: photos and images

The ideas are so many. We have selected some and reported in this photo gallery, where you can admire the most beautiful and original coffee tables ever.


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