Create a study corner in the bedroom

Do the kids have to study at home? Then it is absolutely necessary to create a study corner in the bedroom! Here are some interesting and innovative proposals, also ideal for those who have little space. In these cases, the watchword is creativity!


Today i boys they pass always more time indoors to study is for this they need a quiet corner in which to be able to do. Their bedroom it is definitely the best room for not disturbing and not being disturbed.

However, if this is already furnished and there is no desk, you have to think of alternative solutions to obtain a study corner. Fortunately, there are solutions for all needs.


Take advantage of the mezzanine

The loft bed allows definitely to gain space. Precisely for this reason it is an optimal solution if we have a small bedroom that is not too large.

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In fact, the space below can be used in so many different ways. One of these is that of put yourself a desk in order to create a study corner. This will be reserved and quiet, perfect for being able to concentrate better.

Some loft solutionsinstead have a structure that provides for the desk placed laterally. This alternative is very convenient especially if you need two beds in the bedroom.


Create a study corner in the wardrobe

The golden rule for to be able to study at best it is that of to find a quiet place that is free of distractions. So, we could say that there is no better place to obtain a study corner that the interior of the our wardrobe.

Strange as it may seem, this is actually a good solution, especially if you have limited space. In fact, basically the thing essential you need when studying is a plane to lean on is all right also a shelf.

There are many in the closet, it will be enough to free one from the clothes to be able to place the books on it. Obviously this is feasible if the shelf is mounted at the right height and is large enough.

To make this nook a little more suitable and comfortable to study, it is essential add a lamp. The inside of a wardrobe, in fact, is not bright and there will be no way to illuminate it with natural light.

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Mount a pull-out wall desk

If you have some free space on a wall in your bedroom, you can think of mounting a pull-out wall desk. These are extremely practical models, ideal for those who do not have much space available.

This type of desks, in fact, they are fixed to the wall, just as if they were simple shelves. Furthermore, they are removable, so the top will only stick out when you decide to take it out.

An added benefit is that you can mount them also in a corner. Some models, in fact, have shapes designed precisely to be able to take advantage of these parts of the bedroom.


Opt for a minimal model under the window

Generally, when you furnish a bedroom you try to make the most of all the available space. This means that you plan how to beautify every inch down to the smallest detail.

For this, it may be difficult to find the place quite right for obtain all of a sudden a study corner. However, inevitably there will be of empty spaces, such as that under the window.

This is own the right place for put a desk. Better opt for a minimal model, so that it is not too bulky. In addition, this location is perfect for enjoying natural light to the fullest.

Create a study corner in the bedroom

Replace the nightstand with a desk

Self there yours little room is really small and you have no way to get a study corner, it will touch you give up to some non-essential furniture, such as the bedside table.

This is certainly handy for putting something down if you are in bed, but you can safely replace it with a desk. Choose a small model and with a simple structure, so that it is not excessive.

In addition, it is very important that the desk is in the same style as the rest of the furniture. It doesn’t have to be obvious that it was a piece of furniture added at a later date.


Choose a folding model

The tipper models are were a real breakthrough for those with small rooms. In fact, they made it possible to gain a lot of space. It is furnishings that I am divided into two parts is then allow you to have two pieces of furniture different in one.

There are many different combinations, but what can be more helpful when you want to create a study corner in the bedroom it’s surely That of the bed with desk.

Thanks to this solution, you will have at your disposal a comfortable desk during the day and overturn it very easily with a button or lever to obtain the your bed when it’s time to sleep.


Create a study corner in the bedroom: images and photos

In the following gallery you can see different solutions to obtain a study corner in the bedroom. There are different proposals for all needs, so take a look to find the one that’s right for you!


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