How to make a flower arrangement to decorate

Do you want us to teach you how to make a flower arrangement to decorate? Throughout this post we will teach you how to do it and give you many ideas to make your floral arrangements original and appropriate to the aesthetics that we want to give to the different spaces of our home.

How to make a flower arrangement with natural flowers
Natural flowers are charming because they bring life to any space where you place them. Although today, artificial flowers are very successful and also allow us to achieve fantastic results, as we will see later in this article, but if you can bet on the natural, either because you have a garden or terrace with varied flowers, or because you are willing to invest in buying flowers, do not hesitate. Do it and you will appreciate the results.

The first question is what do you want to decorate. Is it a birthday party? An engagement party? A wedding? A divorce? Depending on the party, some ideas may be more suitable than others. For example, the heart that we see in the image, ideal to ask for the hand of your girlfriend, or to give to a woman in love. Although it can also be given to a mother, daughter, sister or friend. Or to a boy, why not?

The flower arrangement with natural protea flowers and chrysanthemums is a wilder alternative, but very recurrent in corporate events or to give a look of formality when we decorate our home. To decorate the terrace, balcony or patio, or the foyer, this silky pink and green flower arrangement is ideal.

To surprise your mother or your partner, take a look at this flower arrangement with red roses and ribbon. It looks very sophisticated.

For Mother’s Day, this heart with red roses can’t be missing.

If you are looking for your flower arrangement to congratulate the woman who gave you life, this flower arrangement of roses, with daisies, balloons and dedications is great for her birthday.

Something more original and decorative? Well, this beautiful bicycle is a super original planter that is perfectly decorated, combining with taste colors that harmonize and create a beautiful effect with the white of the bike. You can use this flower arrangement, for example, to pay homage to a religious cult, or simply to decorate your patio.

You want to give a gift and you don’t know whether to decide on flowers, candy or fruit? Then give everything at once. But do it by creating a composition as delicious as the one shown in the photo, with natural flower arrangements that include roses and flowers made with fruit. In addition to chocolate candy.

In the same line this beautiful natural flower arrangement, which combines pink flowers together with blue, red passion and yellow. But they also add some delicious macaroons. Everything inside a box to surprise your loved ones.
We teach you how to decorate bouquets of flowers:
How to make an artificial flower arrangement
We have said before that artificial flowers cannot compete with natural ones. Although certainly, they almost do and, we cannot deny that artificial flowers have their advantages. Nowadays you get spectacular flowers that look natural and that, besides, have the benefit of lasting much longer.

If you’re looking for flowers that last forever, or are one of those people who gets very sentimental when they see their flowers wither, artificial classes can be a good alternative. Let’s see how to make a divine artificial flower arrangement.
As in the previous case, it is a matter of wasting creativity and combining colors and accessories well, because practically from any element we can get a very nice flower arrangement if we apply it to the chosen set of flowers. An example is the bicycle flowerpot we saw before, but it is not the only one. With artificial flowers great ideas can also be born.
Artificial flowers offer great possibilities such as decorating lamps, making spring mobiles or wreaths to decorate doors and other spaces, which will give a very bohemian and attractive air. One example is the flower arrangement we have made on the wall, framing our sofa.

We can also use artificial roses to decorate our mirrors. The effect is romantic and we love it. What do you think?

More ideas to do with artificial flower arrangements? This curious painting is totally handmade and creative.

In the same line as the previous one, this other decoration with vases of artificial flowers on the wall. It’s made with glass vases that we can have at home by recycling. They are different pictures, because they are hanging but on a wooden board that, in turn, is hanging on the wall.

This composition of three pictures on the wall is lovely, so we show it to you too. As you can see, there are many ideas of arrangements with artificial flowers to create paintings.

Don’t forget, with artificial flowers we can make curtains for the wall. You choose the flowers and we give you the idea.

Ideas for centerpieces with flowers and candles:
How to make a flower arrangement as a centerpiece
When working with flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is making a centerpiece. A table with flowers or a decorative centerpiece gains in presence and charm. We start with this beautiful blue and white flower centerpiece.

For the guest table at an event, we can prepare this intimate and special centerpiece, deliciously prepared with a candle included. Guests will love to find their table and have it decorated like this.

Very original and, without a doubt, different centerpieces, those obtained by introducing the flowers inside a cone. Have you ever seen something like this?

If you’re looking for a simple, yet charming and glamorous idea, look at this flower that we’ve cut off most of its stem and placed in a shot glass. It brings elegance and distinction to the table.

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How to make a flower arrangement to decorate


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