10 ideas for decorating the work table

You may have decided to work at home because it is more profitable, because you decided to go it alone, or because you were forced into quarantine by the coronavirus. You may also want to balance work with caring for your children. Whatever the reason, working at home can be beneficial, as long as you have adequate space. To help you do that, we’re going to give you 10 ideas for decorating the work table. Because order and peace must reign at your work table, but it must also be pleasant and attractive to stimulate your creative capacity and make you feel at ease.


First of all, the work table has to adapt to you. If you work at home, you have the advantage of being able to decorate it to your liking. But if you work outside the home, maybe you can apply these ideas too, because at the end of the day, your desk is your private corner in the office. Feeling comfortable at work is essential for good performance. Let’s see how you can do it.

Clear colours and positive messages


See what a nice atmosphere to work in. Light colours are very relaxing and encourage the entry of natural light. They are also fresh, which is to be welcomed, especially if we are in the middle of summer, and even in some geographical areas when temperatures rise in spring. This work table inspires serenity and the armchair with the accompanying cushion could not be more relaxing.

In addition, the set combines a series of elements, such as plants, one of them in pink, to match the cushion, and the rest in a green color that brings that different and full of life touch to the desk. On the other hand, the Work Hard sign is a gentle reminder of what you have to do to achieve your career goals.

Learn how to set up your office:

Small but organized

like-decorate-the-working-table-small- but-organized-instagram

A small but organized workspace can be achieved with a few modifications. See how we have achieved this with this work table where we solved the lack of space by adding a mini shelf on the wall, at a low height so that it blends in with the table, and a structure on the wall where you can hang things that decorate and, at the same time, offer a practical corner where you can put your notes, your task list, but also your most special photos. As you can see, it is a small work table with a minimum of space, but there is even plenty of space to put your computer on it.

Take advantage of all the spaces

how-to-decorate-the-working-table-small- but-used-instagram

Don’t deprive yourself of anything and take advantage of every space. Like the work table we see in the image, it has been wisely installed taking advantage of the structure of the house to have enough shelves where to place everything. Both necessary things strictly for work, and other objects that make our working day happy. What can’t be missing from your work table? Your computer, a lamp, notebooks or books and plenty of light. And don’t forget to take pictures of your children and pets, and plants.

Do you love nature? More in our favour, in that case also place pictures or photographs of animals that inspire you and give you strength and energy. Surround yourself, literally, as you see in the picture, with everything that motivates you and makes you want to work.

Decorate your office with these ideas:

The space you need


Not all jobs require the same space to perform their own tasks. Depending on what you do, you will need more or less space. For example, if you’re an architect or a draftsman, you may need a longer table. Since the table will be your main working tool, along with other accessories such as the computer, pen, paper, etc., you should never do without it.

You need comfort when working and if that means having a table of a certain shape, find a way to incorporate it into your home. Then, personalize the space to your taste to make it attractive. Give your home office personality by adding elements to the wall. If your table is long, you’ll have plenty of wall space for your work tools, and you’ll still have room. Avoid boring your wall by placing a photograph, picture or poster.

Choose good views


We know, not everyone is lucky enough to have a beach or mountain view. But if your desk looks outwards, the sensations you will receive will be more vivid and pleasant than if they look inwards. This will help you to clear your head a little and feel less of that overwhelming feeling that comes from being cooped up for hours.

In colour and with functional furniture

like-decorating-the-working-table-small- but-colour-instagram

The functional furniture are the organization’s secret to small housing. If you are an energetic person who likes to surround yourself with colorful and cheerful environments, this will be one of your favorite ideas for decorating the table. It is a piece of furniture where you can store things, but you close the doors and it has a rectangle full of colors that will stimulate you every time you look at the front.

In blue, for dreamers


Colors have a great influence on our psyche. And when it comes to work or study, this is important. That’s why we decided to bring you this idea to decorate your desk painting the space blue and light blueA double color sky and sea, ideal for the most sensitive and dreamy.

Decorate your office with motivational pictures:

Decorate your desk with animated pictures


Decorating the wall with pictures is in fashion. And if it’s your desk, it’s also lovely add pictures. However, do not settle for just any painting, but we encourage you to choose those that communicate something to you, whether it is a smile, a few laughs or that make you wake up in you emotions that lead you to create, or to relax. Both sensations are necessary when working.

Don’t miss a cactus on your desk


We have already said that plants are important because they decorate, animate and oxygenate the mind. But whether you incorporate plant pots or flowers, cactus should not be missing from any work table either. They are easy to care for and very stimulating. If you also have them in a wooden pot, the decoration becomes more beautiful.

Add a clock to your desk

Some people get nervous about relaxing because they are overwhelmed, either because they are short of time, or because they are looking forward to getting out of work. However, having a watch nearby will allow you to control the time you spend on each task, to adjust your pace. And it will also let you know when it’s time to “get out of the office”. That not everything in life is going to be work.

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10 ideas for decorating the work table


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