Bedroom Colors 2021 2020

Today we present through this article, several proposals in colors for bedrooms, very in line with the current decoration trends. They are ideal to achieve the room we want, in the style that best represents us.

Bedroom Colors

Based on the predictions of some companies such as Sherwin Williams, Behr or Pantone, in addition to the trends of interior designers, below we will see the colors that are proposed for the year 2021. We will show you some inspiring examples.

Colors for double bedrooms 2021

Light pink

Light pink is still used, and other very pale and delicate shades of pink, some subtly mixed with a little gray.

Pink stick

This color looks great with white, gray or beige.


A more intense pink, almost fuchsia, can be used as an accent on one of the bedroom walls.

Prussian blue

The muted blues, a little grayish, will be used a lot this year. Also the pastel blue ones take an important role in the bedrooms.

Navy blue

This deep blue tone, which transmits so much calm, is also another possibility to use in the bedroom. Accompanied by white and gold details, it can look very elegant.

Light blue

This pale shade of blue can be accompanied by different shades of beige, white, and black accents.

Bluish greens

Greens that are close to blue will also be another of the alternatives used.

Blues and greens are considered good colors for bedroom walls, as they have a calming effect. A calming mural can provide the perfect backdrop to aid imagination, while appropriate accessories keep the space from looking sterile and boring.

Dark grays

You can take advantage of all shades of gray, even the darkest. Both warm and cooler grays are being used.

Light grays

Different shades of gray can be used to add depth and dark highlights to the room.

Lemon yellow

The sunny yellows are also another proposal for this year.

Yellow mustard

This color is being used especially in accessories, as in this case, a quilt.

Pumpkin orange

It can be used to paint one of the walls, to spice up the bedroom, without being overwhelming.

White bedrooms

A white bedroom has been the key season after season for a sure success without too much effort, since these are appreciated elegant, fresh, eternally modern and above all cozy.

As you will see, it is one of the simplest ways we can find to give life to elegant bedrooms, since simply by choosing to paint our walls and furniture in this color, we will be achieving a large part of our mission.

It is a good idea to also add curtains, bedding and cushions in different shades of white. Opting for delicate embroidery can also be an excellent idea to add a certain amount of romance and style to these spaces.

Opting for bedrooms of this color can also be an excellent idea if our room is small or not very bright, since white has the property of making the spaces appear larger and brighter.

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Earthy beige

These shades are a classic that will never go out of style.

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Colors for children’s bedrooms 2021: children and babies

Indigo blue

Navy blue

Light blue

Bluish greens

Sage green or mint

To make the walls look clean and therefore the space appear larger, it is convenient to paint them in neutral colors. An excellent option is to add color to the curtains or blinds. By painting the walls in a neutral color, you can change the color of the room only by changing the curtains and accessories. In this case, a pastel mint green has been used to color a bedroom with white walls.

To give the bedroom an energizing stimulus, you can choose between 3 and 4 bright colors, according to the taste and style of each one, and incorporate them in an original way in furniture, walls, floors and even ceilings. Besides that they can also be combined with more neutral and discreet tones, successfully.


Not everything has to be matchy-matchy. In other words, the colors do not have to be designed to combine in a conventional way. You can start using an eclectic decoration with a mix of fabrics and shades. Floral prints, with spots or stripes, and a mixture of shades of the same color or, on the contrary, contrasting colors.


Traditionally, parents choose to decorate the baby’s bedroom, according to a gender color, pink for girls and light blue for boys. Some more enthusiastic, opt for a room full of vibrant and bright colors. However, one of the most versatile colors for a baby’s bedroom is gray, regardless of whether it is a girl or a boy.

The walls are usually quite mistreated by children and adolescents, so it is better to forget the immaculate white in a children’s or youth room. Instead, if you don’t want to paint in an intense color, opt for grays or creams that will hide dirt and rub stains much more.

Light grey

This is a color not very used in the decoration of baby rooms. And yet, such an elegant color responds well to the desire of some parents to create a cozy and relaxed environment, without for this reason it should be thought that it detracts from what a baby room should be. Some ideas like the ones we show you below can be used for an elegant and cheerful bedroom.

Different pastel tones can give life to graphic designs on the walls, for a more fun and personalized decoration, as you can see in the following image.

To take advantage of this versatile color, it must be borne in mind that it by itself can be quite formal, therefore it is advisable to combine it with vibrant and cheerful colors, and this depends on the shade of gray. If light gray is chosen, a wonderful environment can be achieved by combining it with pastel shades of other colors such as pink, light blue, lilac and white, as can be seen in the previous images.

Dark gray

While if you choose a more intense gray, such as gunmetal gray, you must logically choose more intense colors such as red, orange, yellow, as we see in these photos. It can be successfully combined with white, imposing a note of color with a shade of blue, for example. And you can create a thousand designs that brighten up the environment, if what you want is to make the gray protagonist.

Beige earth

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Warm color combinations

One of the best ways to feel full is to start with a type of decoration that makes us feel that way. Therefore, all types of decoration with a great charge of positive energy can have a favorable impact on our mood. And one of the most effective ways to achieve this is to start by betting on the combination of warm colors in our bedrooms.

Red and gray

One of the examples that is 100% effective is the incorporation of various shades of red in contrast to neutral shades such as white, gray and brown. Since the warmth of some combined with the coldness of the others results in one of the most harmonious and beautiful spaces that we can achieve.

Pinks and gray

The immense variety of roses that we find in the rich palette of colors available, combined with different shades of gray, also recreates beautiful, warm and very feminine spaces.

Orange and gray

Beautiful and elegant bedrooms can be recreated by combining the warmth of orange with the neutrality and sophistication of white, gray and black.

Yellow and orange

Bold yellows and oranges can also be deliciously combined with greens and grays, thus giving us one of the warmest proposals of all.

Purple and cream

Purple is another one of those colors with a lot to offer, since its rich variety of shades are super refined and can be successfully combined with brown and / or beige to give us a style that is very harmonious and warm.

Cool color combinations

Blue and green are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and versatile colors that the color palette offers us, so it is always a good idea to take them into account when decorating; so much so that there are several bedroom combinations that include it. Here we invite you to discover some of the most beautiful combinations.

Lime green and blues

The force that characterizes green is so great that we can easily benefit by combining different shades of it, although if we are looking for a fresher and more relaxing proposal, we can ideally incorporate it with green and white.

Sky blue and orange

Blue with orange, besides being one of the most audacious combinations in which we can include it, is undoubtedly one of the most popular in modern decoration.

Light blue and brown

If we want to give blue an image of the retro style, it is a good idea to opt for a strong color within it and combine it with chocolate brown.

Blue and yellow

The most intense shades of blue give very good results if they are also combined with gray and some yellow notes.

Light blue and gray

Gray is a color that is undoubtedly associated with elegance, while blue is one of the most calming colors for decoration that we can find in the wide palette of colors available. That is why modern decoration proposes them as a combined trend, more and more, since they perfectly recreate elegant and relaxing spaces at the same time; So much so that one of the best formulas is created to give life to rooms as special as bedrooms.

Blue also, thanks to its enormous number of shades, you can also choose between rather cold shades or in vibrant and bright shades, the latter can be excellent allies for a touch of luminosity in these spaces.

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