The house of Carlos Baute and Astrid Klisans

The famous singer Carlos Baute and his wife Astrid Klisans, model and blogger, share with their three children this fabulous contemporary design house with a garden, dominated by open spaces and neutral tones.

” I think the decorative style depends on the place we are going to decorate. A country house is not the same as a loft in a cosmopolitan city. In our case, we wanted to give our house a contemporary touch, using neutral colors and elements that in turn would shine and give life to the space. Although we are somewhat minimalist, we understand that when it comes to having children at home, the style must also adapt to the current circumstance, ” says Astrid.

On a neutral base, tapestries and colorful works of art stand out. “Works of art, plants and textiles are very important to us, from rugs and tapestries to cushions and blankets.”

contemporary designed dining room in neutral tones decorated with a tapestry


contemporary design dining room

In the picture, showcase Marshall with metal legs, by Westwing.


contemporary design display cabinet in black


But what is the true identity of this elegant home? Astrid reveals it to us below. ” Our house represents what our life has been in recent years. The reason is because we have furniture that has come from Miami and from Mexico, others from our apartment in the center of Madrid and others are new, specially selected for this house. The trick for us is to know how to integrate them and make them part of our house in a natural way, not that it looks like an element out of place. I would also say that currently the children’s rooms are one of the most special spaces in our house since they were made to measure and with a lot of love. ”

contemporary style hall decorated with modern artwork

Sanford sideboard in black, by Westwing.


The basics of marriage in the living room, include ” good sofas that allow guests to chat and share at ease. A central support table, a carpet that provides warmth and good lighting. ”

modern sofa in aubergine color


On the other hand, highlight the importance of a house with shared spaces away from the concept of ” museum ”, where children can roam freely with play areas scattered throughout the house. Of course, always in order.

” We have a lot of storage space that allows to alleviate the load of objects throughout the house. It is very important that houses have storage space and it is a great generalized failure in a large part of the houses and that causes aesthetics to be lost. ” And you agree? 😉

Information and photos: Courtesy of Westwing.

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