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22-meter apartment living room with desk

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“Due to high house prices in Taipei, the size of homes that young people can buy has been declining a lot over the past decade,” says Szu-Min Wang, the study’s alma mater A Little Monthand responsible for a reform that perfectly illustrates this reality. One day the owner of an old 22 square meter flat with a 3.3 square meter loft that he wanted to adapt it to his tastes. “When facing a space that is not large, but still has the potential to be inhabited, the customer’s needs have to be analyzed very carefully,” he explains. In this case, it was a young girl who travels a lot for work reasons and who wanted her home to be a refuge in which to take a hot bath and sleep surrounded by tranquility, with a clear area to exercise, a kitchen with just enough for day-to-day, storage space and a dining room.

In order to free up space, the studio designed custom-made furniture for the walls that also took advantage of the total height of the ceilings. Two narrow tables attached to the wall allow a dining room to be set up when necessary and to be collected when not in use. The previous shower was replaced by a relaxing bathtub and the bathroom door was replaced by a sliding door to save space. White and wood were used to give warmth and illuminate the interior and the furniture has been chosen with simple lines so that they do not overload the space.

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Small but bully

This 22m2 apartment, renovated by the A little Design studio, has everything you need to live.

All open

In the image we see the entrance, the only hallway that the house has. On the left, the kitchen and, on the right, the mirrored bathroom door.

Relaxing bath

The owner wanted to be able to bathe when she got home after a day’s work, so the studio removed the previous shower and installed a bathtub.

Storage space

A low-rise toilet made it possible to install some shelves next to the mirror.

Hot Hot…

An extra boiler was installed under the stairs that give access to the attic to have hot water when desired.

Just enough

A single front contains everything the owner needs in the kitchen.

Wash and cook

The washing machine, previously in the bathroom, was moved to the kitchen.

Built-in lights

A row of lights under the tall cabinets allows the worktop to be perfectly illuminated.

Tailored suit

Both the kitchen and the living room furniture were custom designed, making the most of the space and the height of the ceilings. In the picture, wardrobes for clothes with bookcases on them.


The space under the window was used to create a rest area with storage under it.

Used corner

Shelves were installed in a space next to a column to have open storage space.

Eat at home

Although the owner does not eat much at home, she wanted to have a dining room to sit when she did, but not take up much space in her day to day life.

Set table

The solution was two narrow tables that can be pressed against the wall when not in use and form a large table when you eat with someone.

Lights and action

The wall lamp can be adjusted to illuminate the dining room or living room.


The apartment has a 3.3 square meter loft that occupies the bedroom.

White and wood

The color palette was restricted so as not to load the environment.


A sliding ladder allows access to the shelf located above the cabinets.

All clear

The owner wanted a clear place to exercise. It was achieved by placing all the elements on the walls.

Height bedroom

In the attic is the bedroom.

Sweet Dreams

View of the staircase and bedroom-

Work and pleasure

A study area with a low table and cushion was placed in the loft.

Plan before the reform

Plan after the reform

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