A two-story house decorated in ocher and brown tones

The owner of this house located in the Barcelona neighborhood of Horta – a director of photography in his 40s, a lover of art and design – was captivated by the large windows that make it possible to make the most of the hours of natural light. His idea was to make it a place to relax, a place to enjoy a joyful and holiday atmosphere throughout the year.

Alex March’s interior design studio was chosen to carry out a surprising exercise in style that leaves nothing to chance. ” I imagined the decoration of the cheerful and heterogeneous space, a mix between past and present through art, design, crafts and popular wall tiles ”, explains Alex March. To carry it out, it has drawn on an eclectic selection of designer furniture pieces from the 20s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Not forgetting the use of plants and flowers, a resource that always brings freshness and warmth.

The house, distributed over two floors, presents a relaxed interior design where luxury is found in the exquisite care of details, without opulence.

living room open to kitchen with white painted exposed vaults

A rectangular ceramic cladding in two tones, white and clay, has been combined on the walls.

Sandra Red

The pine wood exterior carpentry has been restored carefully and has been varnished in two colors, abandoning the original tone, as it was very dark. In addition, it has opted to combine architectural elements in white with traditional ceramics, exposing the original Catalan vault of the building, which has only been painted in white to enhance the luminosity.

To filter the light from the generous windows, brown beech Venetian blinds have been chosen.

living room decorated in ocher and earth tones with vintage furniture

Sandra Red

In the interior space of the ground floor, a great visual harmony dominates, generated by the different ocher and brown tones of the decorative pieces.

The AG Barcelona sofa from the seventies stands out, velvety and in a very soft brown tone, on which several Moroccan wool cushions have been arranged. Next to the sofa, we find a French pedestal table in a light brown tone, decorated with a Catalan ceramic vase from the sixties.

Another discreet protagonist of the scene is the brutalist-style coffee table Dutch from 1975, which brings the depth and character of dark oak, and which rests on a large Belgian white wool rug.

house decorated in ocher and brown tones

Sandra Red

Iconic piece of the living room is an eight-drawer cabinet, attributed to renowned Danish furniture designer Arne Vodder. The design counterpoint is achieved thanks to the bright white of the armchair Geneva Airmchair by Castilglioni (1979), to the incredible oil on paper by Iñaki Moreno framed in white and to the curves of Roger Coll’s sculpture, Krasznai.

open plan living room decorated in ocher and earth tones with vintage furniture

Sandra Red

The house adds value to everyday furniture from the pastlike the fifties french dining chairs Dordogne, created by the woman who laid the foundations of modern design, Charlotte Perriand, and the sixties dining table, in wood with a white enamelled ceramic top.

open kitchen with dining area decorated with natural fiber pieces

Sandra Red

Native crafts also have a place in the house: natural fiber rugs from the fifties and typical ceramics from La Bisbal are a nod to traditional Catalan culture. On the other hand, contemporary art places us in the current space and time with works such as Gaima in the desert by Adriá Uyá, and a selection of ceramic pieces by Mari Masot. The dining area very discreetly incorporates a kitchen, with white furniture.

open staircase decorated with ferns

Sandra Red

A white staircase decorated with hanging ferns leads to the upper floor. The main room is a magnificent haven of peace, partly thanks to the light filtered through natural wood mat blinds, and also based on different very soft textures: pairs of cushions in ecru tones (Calma House and Gancedo), a bedspread bouti in white (El Corte Inglés) …

bedroom decorated in ocher and earth tones

Sandra Red

In the bedroom, each piece of furniture brings a certain touch of style. The bedside tables (Danish design from the sixties) are crowned by two French mahogany wood lamps from the fifties. At the foot of the bed, in a suggestive way, two stools with three brass legs designed by Miguel Fisac ​​have been placed.

A handcrafted macrame tapestry from the sixties in ecru and mustard tones presides over the living area. Indirect lighting through a discreet led cornice creates a cozy atmosphere.

living room decorated with macrame tapestry

Sandra Red

Solemnity is achieved thanks to an exquisite selection of furniture, such as the Torres Clavé armchairs from 1934, with an oak wood structure and a seat and backrest woven with artisanal rope, which are accompanied by three English side tables from the 1950s made of beech wood.

The set rests on a white wool Iranian rug. Various hanging plants and cacti add freshness to the space, where a Danish wooden vase from the 1960s stands out.

living room decorated with macrame tapestry

Sandra Red

In short, each of the pieces has a past to boast of, a yesterday that speaks of design and culture, art and passion for European design and that pays tribute to the modern designers of the 20th century.

Project and information: Courtesy of Alex March Studio.

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