Bibiana Fernández’s house in Madrid

Bibiana Fernández left the Chamberí neighborhood, in the heart of Madrid, when the confinement began, to move to the town on the outskirts of the capital. The actress was looking for an economic relief in the rent and also a house surrounded by trees so that her dogs could enjoy the outdoors.

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house of the actress bibiana fernández, in madrid

Bibiana Fernández is delighted with her change of house.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The change could not have been more timely, because the meters of garden, the pool and the porch have allowed him to pass the confinement in a relaxed way. Bibiana Fernández is a decoration enthusiast, and she lets it be seen on her Instagram, where she usually lets us peek into the environments she has created in her home. We already anticipated that he is fascinated by the 50s style, design pieces, antiques and hides little treasures: graphic works by great contemporary Spanish illustrators, such as Javier Mariscal and Ceesepe.

poster of marshal, in bibiana fernández's house

Mariscal poster, at Bibiana Fernández’s house.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The house is on one floor and is completely open to the outside, so the children (their dogs) and Bibiana herself enter and leave the exterior and integrate the panoramic view of the pool and the garden within the living room itself. In the image, a superb glass coffee table with metal legs, shaped like a scissor; you can find similar in Royal Design. It is convenient to decorate this auxiliary furniture with grace, here are some tips.

the living room of bibiana fernández's house

There is hardly any transition between inside and outside.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The outside enjoy a nice pool, very frequented during the summer by the troupe Bibiana’s regular: Mario Vaquerizo, Alaska, Elena Benarroch, Loles León, Rossy de Palma or Màxim Huerta.

pool at bibiana fernández's house

This area is Bibiana’s second living room.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The loungers, at ground level and totally ergonomic.

Design loungers for the pool area, at bibiana fernández's house

Design loungers for the pool area.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The porch is covered by tiled pavement and has two areas: dining room and rest area. Outdoor meals are one of Bibiana’s favorite plans and, around this table, he has also met with his theatrical cast to rehearse the play The last Tourné, a show that stars and is directed by Félix Sabroso. The chairs PantonWith sinuous lines and white, they are an icon, buy them at Vitra. Designer seats are always a good investment.

dining area on the porch of bibiana fernández

We love the idea of ​​knotting curtains.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

Bibiana loves hats and pamelas, braided in natural fibers, which she also uses as wall decoration outside. This corner of the porch has recreated a retro atmosphere by installing the console, with a marble top; a hexagonal lamp, with pearly reflections; a vintage mirror, in gold. If you like this style, decorate your floor.

outdoor corner with mirror in bibiana fernández's house

Personal details illuminate every corner.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

Exterior curtains offer an air boho chic, that gives the feeling of eternal vacation. To enjoy this atmosphere, Bibiana has opted for auxiliary furniture made of natural materials: braided pouf, a fiber rug and pitaya chairs, which could well be from the Maisons du Monde brand.

porch of the house of actress bibiana fernández

Natural materials and textures are the actress’s favorites in the outdoor area.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The sofa is covered by a cheerful textile, that protects it, and has used a wicker trunk covered by glass as a side table.

porch of the house of actress bibiana fernández

The outdoor sofa is two-seater, although the porch has other rattan seats.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

On the porch you also have spiritual details: a little corner dedicated to Christ The Captive, from Malaga, and an oriental touch with this Buddha.

decorative detail in bibiana fernández's house

Bibiana Fernández’s spirituality also has a hole.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

Bibiana is a big fan of antiques, which is spread throughout the house, and frequents specialized stores, such as Madrid’s Anmoder Décor. In his small temple, his bedroom, the huge screen catches the eye, which serves as a headboard. This piece, lacquered in black and in a Japanese style, has eight jambs and has accompanied the actress in her various moves. The table lamps have a nice carved metal column and black shade, to give an effect glam.

bedroom of bibiana fernández's house

Bibiana Fernández’s main bedroom.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

Floral details abound throughout the home. In the bedroom, She always has a small vase on the table with flowers from the garden, but there are always bouquets in the living room or in passageways. It even has kept a climbing plant for no less than 24 years.

Floran detail in the bedroom of Bibiana Fernández's house

A very special jewelery box, the metal base of the table lamp.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The dining room is a gem of interior design. The room is carpeted with an XXL piece, which frames a large glass table and six chairs Tulip, which are a classic of design, by the grace of Eero Saarinen. The Nordic style lamp, in the shape of an inverted pineapple, resembles the model Illumin, for sale at Dyberg Larsen. In the background, a sun mirror completes a fabulous art deco corner in which a double bicolor console stands out and a pair of lamps, with a metal base. Fans of this decorative style will follow these guidelines to furnish their living room.

mid century dining room at bibiana fernández's house

The dining room is a mirrored environment, where forms are duplicated.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

Pedro Almodóvar, Elena Benarroch, Manuel Bandera, Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo have sat on this sofa … It is a corner model, in white leather, that you can find in BoConcept, and that the actress has dressed with cushions with geometric designs, in black and white. We have the keys to be successful with the purchase of a new sofa.

interior living room in bibiana fernández's house

The extra-large rug, in black, is a daring option.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The wilder side of Bibiana Fernández appears in this photograph, which is guarded by a porcelain leopard. Without a doubt, it is a place where you relax, while looking at its green horizon. A corner of life that he has decorated with him chaise lounge LC4, inspired by Le Corbusier chair, with tubular structure in chromed steel, in leatherette and made by hand, for sale at North Deco.

reading area at bibiana fernández's house

Fabulous daybed, inspired by Le Corbursier.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

As a good hostess, Bibiana could not do without a bar cabinet, which she commissioned from Palomares Grupo Arte. On this occasion, his decorative tastes have taken Mid Century directions. The best example are iconic armchairs Lady, by Marco Zanuso, acquired in La Recova. This special is accompanied by stools, upholstered in velvet and with metal feet; the glass vase, in the shape of a pineapple, and the coffee table, with a glass top and an original wrought iron. These pieces are common in the Mister Wils catalog.

bar area, in the bibiana fernández house

Retro bar cabinet, with two designer armchairs.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The fireplace covered with plates, in gold.

living room of the bibiana fernández house

Built-in fireplace to warm cold winter nights.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

The contemporary design it is present in every corner, isn’t this metal planter ideal?

bibiana fernández house

Design planter with a small olive tree.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

Also with the work of contemporary illustrators like Ceesepe. The artist has been one of the best representatives of the Move Madrilenian.

vintage decoration at home bibiana fernández

Painting by the painter Ceeseppe and Nordic style armchair.

Instagram @thedevilisawoman

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