A modern apartment to live, work and rest

The relationship between the owners of this apartment and the real estate stylist Jaione Elizalde begins a few years ago, when they make the decision to sell their old house in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Pamplona and purchase their new home. The owners, parents of three young children, had their home already distributed but needed help defining the spaces and their needs, as well as choosing part of the furniture. In tune with his style, with white as a base and clear furniture, spaces with very simple lines and nothing overloaded were created.

With the idea of guaranteeing a greater entrance of light Jaione proposed replace the main partition of the living room with a large window separation system with white profiles. This small reform meant a huge change: the dining room, the kitchen and the entrance hall receive natural light everywhere… Objective achieved! Now, the thread of the decoration is marked by this new area of common spaces with a predominance of white colour and light woods in coverings and furniture.

One of the main attractions of this house was the magnificent natural light that he receives in all the rooms. For this reason, in addition to intensifying its entry into the common areas, an effort was made to give it greater importance in the bedrooms, both the main bedroom and the children’s bedrooms, and even in the bathrooms.

This is how we find a large window next to the rest area of the double room and a decoration, of course, based on the color white as a base. Within this space, only the large headboard upholstered in charcoal grey was used, next to which were situated some simple white tables with two table lamps with a marble base and a grey metallic lampshade. Above the bed, some sheets of very modern design that give freshness and update the space. The textiles in neutral tones and the original triple ceiling lamp fill the atmosphere with personality, always respecting the entrance of light and the sensation of amplitude.

This is the floor plan of the house:

modern white flat

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The main change in the house was to replace the partition that separated the living room with a wall with a glass panel. Now, the kitchen, dining room and living room are connected and allow the passage of light.

Here are the photos of the environments:

The increasingly implied teleworking prompted the owners to create a specific area in the living room.

white floor and modern living room with grey sofa and work and study area

Chairs, sofa and bench, from Ikea.

Jaione Elizalde

The presence of plants are the basic refreshing point in the decoration of the room.

To integrate the work and study area into the room, A white shelf and table, just like the wall, and light wood chairs in keeping with the style of the house were chosen. The grey sofa and the fibreglass table coexist beautifully with the newly created area.

white floor and modern wooden dining room

Jaione Elizalde

The back of the new wall is used to inlay a small bookcase that also lightens the front quite a bit.

white floor and modern Nordic style dining room

Jaione Elizalde

The constant choice of materials always in White and light woods achieves the full unity of the whole house.

white floor and modern kitchen open to the dining room

Jaione Elizalde

The living room is now independent thanks to a huge glass door that isolates it from odours without detracting from the light.

The protagonism of the neutral colours in the master bedroom guarantees peace and quiet for proper rest.

white floor and modern master bedroom

The headboard, from side to side, stands out, completed by some tables, from Ikea, and some lamps, from Kave Home. The textiles are from Kenay Home.

Jaione Elizalde

Since it is a high floor and there are no buildings nearby, the windows could be kept unclothed.

In the bathroom, the washbasin area was conceived as a twin, with two identical pieces of furniture, washbasins and mirrors; they only share one single row of spotlights as a link.

white floor and modern bathroom with two sinks and meter type tiles

Jaione Elizalde

The spaciousness of the bathroom made it possible to include a bathtub and shower area on the same front.

white floor and modern bathroom with bathtub and shower

Furniture, from Ikea.

Jaione Elizalde

Plan of the house

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