A current and revived flat

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In this project, carried out by Mike Alleg, Cristian Simisdean and Sofía Martín Gutiérrez, from Atelier HR studio, the materials and designs are a nod to the past, although everything emanates an absolutely contemporary air. An upward trend that allows recovering retro-style pieces and adapting them to the needs of the 21st century. The result is a house in plant, of warm and cosy atmosphere, in which they emphasize the high ceilings, with the moldings painted in white, and an impressive library, conceived as an inner courtyard and vital center of the house. The uniqueness of this space lies in its furniture, most of which is exceptional pieces acquired at the famous Flea Market in Paris.

If we look at the walls and the ceiling, the old doors, windows and shutters, as well as the play of lines and volumes in the mouldings, fine wood strips on the fronts and ornamental pieces at the intersection between the walls and the ceiling. Only the kitchen departs from tradition and shows a clean-cut style with straight lines. As a counterpoint to the total white of the furniture, the ceiling was painted black. Two elements burst in: a caged ceiling lamp and a black and white photo mural, which opens this space to the impressive views of the Eiffel Tower.

In this house there is an atmosphere that stands out from the rest, a room with charme that gets all the attention: the library. A room with a square floor plan, which receives abundant natural light, and open to the rest of the house through a dark metal and glass enclosure, which replaces the partitions. Also conceived as study and reading and relaxation area, highlights the industrial style of the furniture, with a walkway that allows access to the bookcase grid, iron and rivets seen.

The whole house was covered with a solid Nordic wood flooring in a very natural tone, except in the library and in one of the bathrooms, where different hydraulic coatings were chosen. The Atelier HR studio has given this floor a new image: fresh, natural and stylish. Here, the past is trendy.

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A room in two areas

The dining room is located in a separate space, connected to the kitchen, and gives way to the living room, where two areas have been created: one to be by the fireplace and another more functional, dedicated to contemplation and leisure with a good book and background music.

This image shows the continuity of the room towards a distribution corridor that, at the same time, welcomes the visitor to the house. In the background: the glazed library.

Crystal candlesticks and cushion, for sale in Los Peñotes. Box next to the seat, for sale in A Loja do Gato Preto. Carpet, similar in BSB.

Horizontal Collage

Coloured glass and traditional designs create a composition full of charm. It combines twin vases in different colours with others of varied shapes and silhouettes. Vases, similar in Lou & Hernandez.

Space for relaxation

Although with intense brushstrokes of colour, blue and white – a chromatic couple that inspires stillness – prevail in the living area, organised with two L-shaped sofas.

Carpet, similar in BSB. Floor lamp, similar in Maisons du Monde. Cushions and rag balls, sold at Los Peñotes. Coffee table, made by Atelier HR (they also rescue pieces from flea markets and restore them). The fireplace was purchased in Brussels.

By the way

The natural light that streams through the library window and the stately windows next to the door bathe the entrance. A bedside table, a chair and a floor lamp make up a hall located in the corridor.

Reserved space

The dining room is located in a separate room, connected to the hall, living room and kitchen. The openings with old doors, transformed into sliding doors, stand out.

An orchard!

In just 21 m2, two styles coexist in harmony: classic, in the gathering area, and industrial for the library and the work area. A vertical garden and numerous flower pots surround this idyllic reading corner with freshness, inspired by the past.

Plants, from Ikea. Most of the pieces in this house have been acquired in flea markets and some have been restored. Find pieces that tell stories or resort to second-hand sales pages with real treasures in the store.

In green

What do you know! The plants in the library’s chat corner are unnatural. Varieties are mixed in pots, placed at ground level, and others fixed to the wall as a vertical garden.

Culture does take place

The abundant natural light that the studio receives is filtered into the hall and the distribution corridor through the glass enclosure, which makes it spatially independent but favours its visual integration into the whole. Discover and design the hydraulic floor you imagine, in Mosaic del Sur (www.mosaicdelsur.com).

Order and harmony

The symmetry of the library immediately conveys a sense of order. It is a design by Atelier HR, made by a locksmith and inspired by the creations of the architect Eiffel, creator of the most emblematic monument in Paris.

Furniture 100% white

White furniture with smooth surfaces and no visible handles. The kitchen breaks the decorative scheme of the rest of the house. In this environment, functionality prevails in the distribution and choice of materials without renouncing to a refined aesthetic. All the furniture is from the firm Santos.

Resources that encourage rhythm

It’s easy to get it right when all the furniture has the same design and finish. However, the risk is that the environment will be flat. That is when it becomes essential to incorporate transgressive elements: a very special design piece.

Simply spectacular

How well the recovered carpentry of the windows fits in with the present day furniture! The mural, full of visual strength, brings depth and warmth to a kitchen with a minimalist line. Although, without a doubt, the presence of the caged ceiling lamp, which illuminates the washing area, adds a magical note.

On the counter: figure-tray and boats in green, from Los Peñotes.

My star piece

Ceiling lamp, similar for sale in A Loja do Gato Preto.

Sober black and white

The bathrooms exude authenticity through retro chic style sanitary fittings, taps ad hoc and mirrors framed with ornate moldings. The sobriety of the black and white is interrupted by the red note of the chair.


Toilets Royalfrom Ceramica Althea. Chair, similar for sale at Maisons du Monde.

The bedroom

The space has made it possible to place two large sideboards on both sides of the bed, as maxi tables. A serene atmosphere that transports us to another era. Not only the design of the sideboards and the wrought iron headboard, but also the ceiling and wall mouldings contribute to this.

Cushions and blanket, from Los Peñotes.

A real luxury

The wall tiles are responsible for giving the bathroom a retro look: a hydraulic floor with black and white geometric patterns and white brick effect tiles on the wall. It’s foolproof.

The shower area has been lined with a wooden platform, resistant to humidity, less slippery than other materials and very comfortable to the touch in bare feet. A glamorous touch among so much sobriety? The special gold mirror moulding. Fibreglass basket, similar at Maisons du Monde. Bathroom fittings Royalfrom Ceramica Althea.

Plan and ideas of the reform

Have you noticed the jewellery pieces that populate this house? The furniture that decorates this flat is few, but each one has a great aesthetic power and marks, together with the paintings -classical and modern-, the elegant, authentic and personal style.

The floor and mouldings of the walls and the ceiling, added to the exceptional height of these, create a perfect base for developing the interior design project, which seeks harmony between the traditional look and current needs.

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