A functional and bright 50 m2 apartment

a functional 50-metre flat

Miriam Yeleq

Having all the necessary furnishing and storage solutions in just 50 m2 without making the space appear chaotic or cluttered is no easy task. And it is even more difficult to make that small area look bigger and brighter than it really is. That is what the interior designer David Infante, who was in charge of the reform, distribution and decoration of this so flirtatious and functional flat that was in a painful state, has achieved. This is how he explains it: “we started from aa very old house, dating from 1927, with only 48 m2 of usable space and a compartmentalized distribution according to the time. There were blind rooms, useless corridors, a tiny bathroom and a great feeling of narrowness in all the rooms”.

Luckily, the house has no load-bearing walls, since the perimeter of the house itself acts as such, and the interior divisions were made of partitioning, making it very easy to remove them. The guidelines for the reform were precisely these: to do away with corridors and halls, to make every last centimetre profitable. An entrance to the kitchen-dining room was thus configured; these rooms share the same open, clear and fluid space with the living room. The kitchen is incorporated into the living room in a decorative manner but without losing any of its functionality: in very few metres, the furniture conceals a very complete set of equipment. And it has also been resolved with cabinets of standard dimensions, it has not been necessary to make them to measure.

With this idea of integration, a porcelain floor was installed throughout the house that imitates a natural wood floor: this achieves two objectives. In addition to warmth, it provides great resistance and ease of cleaning, especially in the kitchen area. And to merge in aesthetics the different environments, a very natural palette was used, with sands, toasts, greys… animated by unexpected brushstrokes of oranges, blues, turquoises, greens… The décor is welcoming and timeless, and the atmosphere invites you to relax: the final goal is achieved.

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The room invites you to chat around a coffee table that matches the one in the dining room. The sofa has been dressed with cushions, by Leroy Merlin; it is a modern and very comfortable model. It is crowned by a large mirror.

All the furniture, from Maisons du Monde.


They add to the strength of deco vibrant colors, like Leroy Merlin’s yellow curtains.

TV and storage cabinet, from Ikea. The pictures with message, in Leroy Merlin.

A hyper-warm room

The living room has been furnished with simple furniture and neutral colours. There is a lot of presence of materials like wood or natural fibers. The two armchairs in the gathering area are made of rattan; they are from Ikea, like the carpet and the floor lamps.


Made of iron and with a rustic top, the dining table has plenty of room.

The metal chairs by SuperStudio and the suspended lamp by Ikea provide cheerful chromatic sparks.


From the firm Cincocina, the kitchen occupies only 2,70 m2, but it lacks nothing. Behind the high gloss panelled doors are hidden the main appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, ovens…

A stoneware tile front between cabinets provides a beautiful contrast. It’s from Cerámicas Vives.

CONTINUOUS FLOORS. To give a feeling of spaciousness. They imitate wood, but are ceramic pieces that are easy to maintain and clean.


Ingenious are the solutions used to furnish the room: the bed headboard is a tiled base, from Cerámicas Vives, and the reading lamp, an articulated lamp, from Ikea. Also from this firm, the bedside table and the frame of the picture, made of orange cardboard.


The bathrooms are tiled with white metre tiles. The black grout, matching the auxiliaries, gives the spark a modern look.

Furniture and sink, at Ikea, and the mirror, at Maisons du Monde.


The house has two double bedrooms, two complete bathrooms and a day area -living room and kitchen-. The bathrooms have minimum measurements, 2.10 m long by 1.35 m wide. The space between the two showers has been used to take out a small broom that hides the boiler.

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