what they are, their maintenance and decorative ideas

In homes and businesses and offices, for some time, we can see plant works of art. Plants, called stabilized, which are used to cover the walls and also to decorate corners of the houses. What are stabilized plants, how is their maintenance carried out and how can they be arranged at home? Here are some ideas.

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The stabilized plants, and even flowers, but also small shrubs and other types of plants, they are a modern elaboration and very sophisticated in the world of gardening. These types of vegetation are used like decorative elements for the indoor or outdoor spaces, going to create a really crazy effect.

Thanks to these plants, made with articulated and complex procedures, it is possible to create magnificent compositions, the result of innovation, science and good taste. Let’s find out more on this beautiful world.


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What are stabilized plants

Stabilization of a plant it is a practice that goes back already to the 70s. It was in these years that the first experiments began. Only a decade later, a group of scientists perfected this practice, laying the foundations for modern stabilization techniques.

Stabilize a plant or flower it means to undergo a conservative treatment, consisting of vegetable glycerin and water, to bring hydration to the plant itself. This process takes place at a temperature of about 40 ° and makes the plant lush, very flexible and bright in color.

The stabilizing solution it replaces to all effects the nutritive sap of plants, almost embalming the plants to a desired state. This process guarantees a plant life of about 10 years.

Thanks to this process plants and flowers can be displayed indoors as a decorative element, requiring very low maintenance.

The largest producers of stabilized plants in the world today are Italy, France, Japan, China, South Africa and North America.


Advantages and maintenance of stabilized plants

As anticipated, stabilized plants they go through a long process. This is to make them flawless, vivid and shiny, with no signs of yellowing of the foliage or risk of seeing the plant decay and die. Their maintenance is also very minimal, since these plants they do not have the classic oxygen-carbon dioxide life cycle. Their structure does not require irrigation, just as it does not need mineral and nutritional supply through the soil.

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The stabilized plants they do not suffer from the climatic changes, cold or excessive heat. However, it is essential to keep plants away from direct heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces. Direct heat would alter the hydration status of the plant, drying it out.

These plants they should not be watered or vaporized is they last approximately 10 years, in excellent health.


Ideas for decorating with preserved plants

We have seen the great advantages and minimum maintenance that these wonderful plants require. All these advantages make them the perfect choice for home decorating. Here are the possible solutions.

Cover some walls

Cover the entire wall of home with plants was a utopia before the arrival of stabilized plants. In fact, we would have risked creating the ideal habitat for insects and having to spend a lot of time looking after and cleaning the wall. With stabilized plantsinstead it’s possible create real ones vertical installations, that’s not all they don’t require much care but which fill empty spaces with great style.

A real professional figure has now spread, an interior designer specialized in the composition of these living and green works of art.


Beautify the partitions

Self for space reasons you had to build partitions at homecertainly a solution needs to be found to make them harmonious and well integrated into the context. In fact, these walls often remain anonymous and sweep the continuity between the rooms, without enriching them.

What better way to make them fantastic, if not using the stabilized plants? This is a real artistic attack.


Evergreen gardens and balconies

It is true that preserved plants and flowers are perfect for winter. However you can use them for outdoor space, such as a terrace or balcony, to have an evergreen area that does not require too much effort and maintenance.

Thanks to these stabilized plants you can enrich gardens and balconies and guarantee a rich, luxuriant and green plantation throughout the year. In this case, we advise you to think of excellent water drains, as the soil of the stabilized plants does not act as a filter and the water could easily become bogged down.


What they are, how they are used and what maintenance do stabilized plants require: photos and images

Preserved plants lend themselves to rich and varied compositions, to real green sculptures for your home. They become to all intents and purposes a beautiful and innovative piece of furniture. Here is a huge photo selection to make you fall madly in love with these fantastic and durable plants.


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