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the boxes for the most useful tools to put in the garden

Are you looking for a way to keep your tools tidy? Below, we will show you all the proposals of the OBI catalog for 2021 of toolboxes.

OBI toolbox catalog 1

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Both in summer and in winter the tools that you use in the garden must be stored properly. Yes, because the garden and the exteriors with which our house is equipped, in reality, should be thought of as real open-air rooms. Luckily, among the OBI proposals illustrated in the 2021 catalog, there are the tool boxes. These are real furnishing elements that can be used not only to store your tools but also to embellish your outdoor spaces.

The tool boxes they are classified according to the material in which they are made. Among the most common materials stand out: aluminum, wood and PVC. Another way to classify toolboxes is size: they range from benches to real boxes, where you could also put vehicles such as tractors or other.

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OBI is the DIY store chain founded in 1970. It is currently regarded as the second largest DIY store chain in Europe, as well as the fourth in the world. In addition to physical stores, you can also find OBI proposals on their website. In some cases, you can also benefit from free shipping. A nice advantage, especially if you don’t have any OBI stores near your home.

Here are some suggestions.

OBI toolbox catalog 2

OBI catalog: toolbox, containers and trunks

If you have a terrace or a small garden, you may want to keep tools stowed away in an adequate, functional container that takes up little space. Among the tools that you can store stand out: shears, bottles but also fertilizers, branches.

The containers and trunks proposed by OBI can also be converted into improvised seats. These containers are also furnishing elements thanks to their neutral and refined colors. The material in which they are made is generally PVC which requires very little (or no) maintenance.

A good example is the Springwood outdoor trunk, which costs 90 euros. Made of plastic, it has a wood effect finish. There closing is padlockable and the capacity of the trunk is 305 liters.

OBI toolbox catalog 3

OBI catalog: wooden toolbox

Those who have a lot of space and a little time for maintenance can choose a toolbox made of wood. Very nice to look at, a wooden toolbox can also be functional and ecological. Some models will allow you to effectively store firewood as well.

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In case you opt for a wooden box it is necessary to choose well where to place it as, as we have said, wood is subject to wear. So, choose a place where you can admire it but, above all, that is not too sunny. At OBI you will also find all the paints and accessories to be able to carry out periodic maintenance of your wooden toolbox.

Among the proposals in the OBI 2021 catalog, we have selected for you the wooden box that, in reality, is a multipurpose wardrobe. Its dimensions are 240 x 90 cm while the price is 549 euros. Easy to assemble (interlocking plus fixing screws), the cabinet is made of solid wood, with 16 cm thick walls. The door can be closed with a latch.

OBI toolbox catalog 4

OBI catalog: PVC toolbox

Even if it is made of PVC, this plastic box is reminiscent of wood for its finishes. This is the High Store model with dimensions of 140x73x170. In the shape of a rectangle, this box is equipped with a floor. Two shelves are included. The box is also customizable with the appropriate paints. His price and of 350 euros. The door is hinged and opens up to 110 degrees.

OBI toolbox catalog 5

OBI catalog: aluminum toolbox

Aluminum also requires little maintenance and, in addition to the classic gray, it is also available in green and black. An example is the box realized by Biohort in galvanized sheet. Thanks to the sloping roof, the rain slips away. Inside, all the hooks are provided and it is designed to house shelves and more.

The door closes with a latch. It exists in different sizes, 9 to be precise, and 4 colors. The cheapest one is 93 × 83 centimeters in size and costs 530 euros. Thanks to its stability, the boxes of this type can withstand the wind very well, also very strong.

OBI toolbox catalog 6

OBI tool box catalog: photos and images

The OBI proposals are truly for all needs, not only for space but also for maintenance. Have you chosen your toolbox to place in your open space? Let’s try to clarify your ideas with our image gallery.


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