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Fruit trees for the garden: guide to the right choice

Fruit trees in the garden are the dream of many, but how do you choose the perfect ones for your open space? Read on to know which ones are right for you.

Fruit trees for the garden 3

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A garden cannot be complete without fruit trees colorful and functional. Yes, because being able to pick your own fruit at kilometer 0 is the dream of many. Not an impossible dream if you know your needs well, as well as the characteristics of the open space you have. Don’t forget to let your personal tastes guide you in your choice.

Obviously, if you have little space, you cannot expect to have a real orchard in the garden rather, to choose some more suitable plants. After all, a lemon tree is enough to make fantastic summer lemonades, or an apple tree for the winter cakes, rich in vitamins, which your children love so much.

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Let’s not forget, then, the decorative power even a simple strawberry bush to frame a flower bed. If we wanted to adopt a biblical reference, fruit trees can refer to the Garden of Eden and its beauty. A beauty that changes with the changing of the seasons and to which it is difficult to get used to. Just think of spring blooms or summer fruits. Fruit trees could become the real stars of our whole garden.

Selfinstead you have a space much more broad, why not opt for more trees? Better that they are the perfect ones for your garden as well as for the climate in which you live. It is precisely the fruit trees, even just one, on a small balcony, that help us appreciate the wonders of nature and enjoy the little things.

Whether they are dwarf fruit trees, with common fruit or very particular, below you will find some of the shrubs that you can place in your garden.

Fruit trees for the garden 2

Fruit trees for the garden: mulberry

If you are looking for a tree that resists climate change well, mulberry is perfect for you. A perfect shrub even if you live in very cold climates. Indeed, it can resist even for a long time below freezing. Another point in its favor is the ease with which it can be grown.

The mulberry it can also grow in arid and poor soils. The important thing is to plant it in fairly sunny positions. Pay attention to space: the mulberry tree needs a lot. Therefore, it is better to follow the rule of keeping him 6 meters away from others.

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Fruit trees for the garden: almond tree

The almond tree is not well suited to too humid and cold climates. It also fears the strong wind that could compromise flowering. Precisely during the latter, the almond tree takes on its greatest charm: impossible to resist its scent and colors. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for it to develop at its best.

Fruit trees for the garden 5

Fruit trees for the garden: currants

If the winters in your area are very harsh, Currants are perfect for your garden. Be careful, however, if the frosts are too late or the heat is too intense, the plant could be damaged. Here because, the optimal climate for currants is that of the mountains, characterized by a soft and stagnant soil.

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Fruit trees for the garden: apple tree

The apple tree looks great in both a large and medium sized garden. There are many varieties, each of which follows a different harvest and maturation phase. The flavors of the fruits produced are also different. Having an apple tree in the garden will allow you to have perfect fruits for different types of recipes, both sweet and savory.

The soil that the apple tree needs is rich in humus, but loamy. It also needs moisture, both in the soil and in the climate in which it is placed. Therefore, before planting one in your garden, choose the most suitable variety. For example, Golden Delicious is perfect for areas with a mild climate.

As for pollination, the apple tree needs a pollinating insect since it is unable to pollinate itself. For this reason, it is good to plant other plants close to it. Its roots develop horizontally, for this reason, it is good to treat the area under the canopy, with fertilizer periodically.

Fruit trees for the garden 7

Fruit trees for the garden: amarasco

If you want to have juicy black cherries to pick directly in your garden, Prunus cerasus or amarasco is the perfect fruit tree for you. These are small shrubs, perfect to insert in the vegetable garden. Schattenmorelle is the easiest variety to grow and gives a juicier and sweeter fruit.

Amarasco is able to adapt to different types of soil. Keep in mind, however, that if placed on too heavy or damp ground they could get sick. As for the exposure, better to put it in full sun. Furthermore, an element not to be underestimated is which is about a self-fertile tree. What does it mean? That a single specimen is enough to be able to fertilize. The first fruits appear on one-year-old wood. Fruit production can also be abundant.

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Fruit trees for the garden: photos and pictures

Which of these trees will take pride of place in your garden? To help you a little more in your choice, we leave you to our image gallery.


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