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how to choose fast growing ones

Are you an impatient gardener looking for a garden tree that grows quickly? Here are five that may be right for you.

Fast growing garden trees 2

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Having a garden with flowing, mature trees is the desire of many. A desire, however, that often does not go well with the growth timing of the plant. Each, in fact, has its own times. The growth rate of a tree, rather than another, it depends on the genetics of the plant.

Then, other factors such as climate and terrain come into play where it is planted. Obviously, there are climates that are more favorable than others for some plants. Suffice it to say that, in some Italian regions, in fact, trees grow faster than others.

Therefore, the rapid growth of trees depends on many factors. The fact is that many people are attracted to these miraculously growing plants. Because? The answer is simple: not only you can have a mature garden to take care of, but also create strategic green areas. An example? Green hedges or cool shade for the summer. Some plants will do better for certain needs, others less so.

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Below, we will direct you to some fast growing trees for your garden.

Fast Growing Garden Trees 1

Fast-growing garden trees: maple

Maple is a very fast growing tree. There are some needs to be remembered maple before choosing it: fresh and acid soils, climate not too hot. The bearing of these trees it is particularly symmetrical. This means that, there their foliage remains compact and from the shape rounded.

Some maple families, such as Acer rubrum or Acer saccharum, grow more than others. Among these it stands out the so-called curly maple (Acer platanoides) characterized by a strong autumn color. Its growth is very fast and settles on 25 meters in height. If grown as a bush, the meters are lower (about 15 meters). It is able to withstand even low temperatures and pollution. Widespread in Europe, the curly maple grows spontaneously in regions with a continental climate. It prefers to be placed in a partial shade state.

Very special are its leaves that have an intense color, especially in autumn, when they take on shades of yellow is of red, just before falling. You will surely remember the typical shape of maple leaves (5 lobes ending in sharp points), which has become an icon on the Canadian flag.

Fast growing garden trees 3

Fast-growing garden trees: mimosa

The mimosa tree it is perfect from an aesthetic point of view but also to create a beautiful shadow. It needs to be exposed in full sun, the soil in which it is planted must be well drained and fertile. Although it blooms in late February, the mimosa it is very sensitive to cold. It can reach up to 20 meters in height for this reason, it is not suitable for small gardens.

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Very common in the central-southern part of the peninsula, the mimosa in addition to yellow flowers has pinnate leaves. Go easy on the pruning and watch out for the wind.

Fast growing garden trees 4

Fast-growing garden trees: birch

Also the birch it is a tree that grows rapidly and is deciduous and deciduous. Its stem is thin but it can reach up to 18 meters. It is easily recognizable due to its bark with silver reflections. The branches are very shiny, characterized by a brown tending to red. The hair, instead it is light and sparse, with oval and toothed leaves that turn from dark green to yellow in autumn.

Birch produces spike-shaped flowers that give off a good scent. It prefers full sun and light soils, almost sandy but well drained and free of limestone. Withstands cold and wind well.

Fast growing garden trees 5

Fast-growing garden trees: magnolia

Magnolia it is a broad-leaved tree with a straight and branched dark colored trunk. It grows fast and it reaches a maximum height of about 25 meters. Its shapes are large above of an intense green color, below darker, with an elliptical shape. The foliage of the magnolia is very vigorous with a coniform appearance.

The flowers of magnolia they are large and very fleshy. Their color is ivory white and they are also noted for their sweet scent. Magnolia it should be planted in an acid soil, well drained and rich in organic components (e.g. peat and humus). It lives best if placed in full sun in a mild climate. Cold is his real enemy.

Fast growing garden trees 6

Fast-growing garden trees: weeping willow

If you are looking for a very charming tree, the weeping willow is for you. But be careful because it is a shrub that is very afraid of drought. Just think of the fact that, very often, this type of tree is found along watercourses. Therefore, be careful to plant it in rich and humid soils as it does not fear even stagnation. In summer, watering must be double, otherwise drought will be seen especially on the foliage.

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