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How to dry flowers quickly and easily

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How to dry the flowers at home with quick and easy to implement procedures? Which flowers to use? Which procedure to prefer to preserve dried flowers for a long time to prepare confections and poutpourri?

Flowers, Dried

Yours garden is a profusion of colorful flowers And scented? You want to make beautiful packs from dried flowers or a fragrant potpourri, here’s how.

Flowers for drying

First of all, not all flowers are suitable for drying, at least with home DIY procedures.

THE flowers that lend themselves better to being dried I’m long-stemmed ones and equipped with a corolla composed of several petals how:

Flowers, Dried

pink especially the hybrid variety;


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the sunflower;

Alcea, Rosa

alcea rosea a truly splendid ornamental plant that produces large salmon-pink flowers;


the peony;


hydrangea with its blue or pink flowers;

Lavender, Dried

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and even better those that produce features spiked inflorescences like the very fragrant lavender or lavender.

Methods for drying flowers

Different techniques and methods can be used to dry the flowers.

Drying of the flowers in the sun

The first method, that traditional which yields the sun as an element of dehydration:

  1. cut off the flowers with the whole stem,
  2. form bunches,
  3. tie them with string;
  4. hang the flowers upside down in well-ventilated places and leave them until the water has completely evaporated.

Lavender, Dried

Dry the flowers in the oven

The second shortest procedure and which greatly shortens the evaporation time of the water is that ofoven drying:

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  1. the oven is set at about 40 – 50 ° C;
  2. the bunches of flowers are placed on the baking sheet (covered with absorbent paper);
  3. they are left until they are well dried.


After drying, the flowers can be placed in a vase or in a basket, a light sprinkle of perfume and away.

Photo gallery dried flowers

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