7 piante grasse colorate da avere assolutamente 8

10 colorful and very decorative succulents you absolutely must have

Are there colorful succulents? Yes, these are succulents and succulents with flowers. In this article, we will discover the 7 most beautiful.

7 colorful succulents you must absolutely have 8

Succulents, known for being fairly easy to care for, I’m also very beautiful to see And, because of their colors, are spreading more and more in the home and outside. Not just a nice bright green, some succulents give to those who know how to wait, also wonderful colorful flowers.

Not only that, others are not really green but shades ranging from blue to red, passing through yellow and white. We are talking about succulents. Of course, it will be necessary to keep in mind that the colors of the plants, from season to season, may vary. Also, you will need to make sure that they can find the perfect habitat to proliferate (hot humid climate).

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A small terrarium, with different varieties of succulents, is enough to get a colorful and lively corner on your terrace. Depending on the variety, succulents will do well in one setting and container rather than another. If they don’t have thorns, for example, they can look great in baskets that can be hung under pergolas or gardens. The species called epiphytes, on the other hand, can also do well in the shade. In fact, in nature, they grow on tree branches.

Let’s see in detail 7 colored succulents from which you can choose to embellish your home with a bright touch.

7 colorful succulents you absolutely must have 9


7 colorful succulents you must absolutely have 1

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The first colored succulent that we offer you it has red flowers. This is the Rebutia which, in appearance, resembles an elongated cactus. Rebutia belongs to the Cactaceae family e it looks great when placed inside. It is also perfect if you have little time to take care of the plants, as it requires very little attention.

2. Delosperma

7 colorful succulents you absolutely must have 2

The Delosperma, belonging to the Aizoaceae family, is a succulent plant with flowers that it can be grown very easily outside. Among its peculiarities the ability to adapt to many types of terrain stands out. In addition, it is resistant to cold, heat and salt. It is among the favorite succulents to be placed in the terraces and gardens of the houses by the sea.

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3. Adenium

7 colorful succulents you must absolutely have 3

The Adenium, belonging to the Apocynaceae family, is known with a name Very evocative that is to say: the desert rose. A name that, the succulent plant, has secured thanks to its flowering. An important flowering since lasts from spring to late summer.

Its flowers range from white to pink through red. Adenium can reach up to 15 centimeters in diameter. THEn house, it does not exceed one meter in height. But be careful: the most beautiful flowers arrive only after the plant’s five years of maturity.

4. Sedum acre

7 colorful succulents you must absolutely have 4

Belonging to the genus of Crassulace, the Sedum Acre it is also known by the name of borracina. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, famous for its yellow flowers. The latter bloom between May and July and persist until late September.

Among its advantages stands out that of resisting drought. In fact, it grows well even in full sun. Be careful, however, the soil must be well drained: avoid stagnation.

5. Mammillaria

7 colorful succulents you must absolutely have 5

Originally from Central America, Mammillaria belongs to the Cactaceae family. Its varieties are many. Perfect for hot and dry climates, has very small dimensionsas well as a globe shape. It is perfect to grow in even small houses.

6. Echeveria

7 colorful succulents you must absolutely have 6

While it has no flowers for most of the year, Echeveria can also be considered as a colorful succulent. Its ovoid-shaped leaves can take on colors ranging from green to gray, from silver to blue. Only in spring, the Echeveria produces flowers that grow from a central stem to the plant. The color varies from yellow to orange.

It is also a perfect plant for those without a green thumb. Beware, however, of exposure to light and the soil which should always be kept moist. It can feel good on the balcony but, when the first colds arrive, it will be necessary to enter the pot.

7. Christmas cactus

7 colorful succulents you must absolutely have 7

The Schlumbergera, also better known as the Christmas Cactus, belongs to the Schlumbergera family. His native country is Brazil. Its name is given by the fact that, its most beautiful flowers appear at the end of December. The colors of these inflorescences vary but maintain shades ranging between pink and lilac. Its leaves have a drooping shape. Which makes it perfect the Christmas Cactus to be placed in hanging pots.

In winter it must be wet a little while in summer more, especially if it is placed outside. It has been noted that Schlumbergera purifies the environments in which it is placed from pollutants.

7 must-have colorful succulents: photos and pictures

Now that you know more about colorful succulents, you just have to choose your favorite and adopt it. It will make a good show of itself in your home. But first, take a look at our images again.


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