Tropical print in our home – Interior and exterior decoration

We’ve talked about the famous animal printWe have a wide variety of animal prints that come into our house, whether in the dining room, bedroom or even the bathrooms. Today we want to talk about another trend that is coming in force, the tropical print. Palm trees, animals and tropical flowers are some of the elements that take strength in this type of decoration.

Tropical print

It’s not new. It’s a style which has been used extensively in the more summery clothing. Swimwear, shirts and T-shirts fill the fashion shops, but also the houses specialized in home decoration. Thus, textiles, whether in the form of curtains, covers or cushions, will have these prints that remind us of the most island and beach environments.

Textiles with tropical print

This style helps us to decorate the house in an optimistic way, full of joy and colour. Colours like lime green, red or fuchsia will be accompanied by the most exotic birds or plants typical of Hawaii.

In view of this type of textile elements, we can accompany the rest of the room with carpets with jungle prints, sheets with Hawaiian flowers or matching curtains.

Tropical Prints

As far as furniture is concerned, although it is true that we can only focus on the textiles in the rooms, it would not be out of place to acquire some furniture based on this beach trend. Thus, choosing the bamboo for the interior will be a safe bet, whether on low tables, dining room chairs, hall furniture even headboards or bedside tables.

Bamboo furniture

Finally, let’s not forget the indoor plantsThe larger the leaves and the more colourful the flowers, the better. Our stay will go from boredom to fun in a matter of minutes.

It should be added that light, in this type of decoration, is essential. The brightest rooms will be the most suitable for introducing this type of element. However, if we do not have enough natural light, we can always try to create an environment illuminated with artificial light.

Photos by: micasarevista and housetohome

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