Decorate your patio, balcony or terrace for the summer – Interior and Exterior Decoration

While it is true that the spring has come a little late, summer is coming and with it the warm temperatures and the parties and meetings in the courtyard. If your courtyard o terrace are exposed to the outdoors, then you must have a lot of dust accumulated in that place that has been unused for so many months, so it’s time decorate your patio, balcony or terrace for the summerThis way you can take advantage of all the benefits of the warmer seasons.


CleanStart by dusting all the furniture you may have, including the fans and the ceiling. Clean the soil, remove the weeds in case you have plants.

PlantsCheck the plants, remove the weeds, prune them and water them. If you don’t have enough natural plants, it’s time to get a couple, if you have flowers much better, because they will fill the space with color.


Patios, balconies and terraces

Decoration of balconies

Check the state of the furniture: If your balcony, patio or terrace does not have a couple of comfortable seats and a table, it will not be an appropriate place to spend the afternoon relaxing or welcoming your friends. You can either move a couple of folding chairs and a bedside table temporarily or get some at a good price (for example, in second-hand shops). If you already have furniture, check its condition as you may want to reupholster it, paint it or add some brightly coloured cushions to brighten up the space.

Decoration of balconies

Summer balconies

Decoration of balconies

AccessoryTreat your patio as if it were an extra room in the house. Don’t forget to place decorative elements, from vases to candleholders (you can place citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away), cushions, pictures… personalize the place and turn it into your new space for relaxation and recreation.

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