How to get privacy on your terrace or garden – Interior and Exterior Decoration

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden but you’re uncomfortable with other people’s looks, don’t worry. There are countless solutions that will give you a little more intimacy in this corner of your home.


The first thing we have to be clear about is that this garden has to be delimited. This is not uncommon, all gardens have wire markings that will prevent anyone from entering. Obviously, we can be seen out there, so we can cover this separation with canyon. It is a fairly cost-effective option, because although covering it with trees and shrubs, such as cypresses, is very good, maintenance is much more expensive. If we prefer, we can opt for tarpaulins, which, when attached, will also cut off the area of vision from the outside.



Another option is the pergolas and awnings. If we have enough space, although the rest of the garden can be seen from certain points, we can create a reduced space to eat, sunbathe and have pleasant days with families and friends. This is achieved with the pergolas. These are pretty big, so don’t forget to measure the ground.


Another similar option is the awnings. We can make a large awning stick out of the wall and cover most of our garden. An extendable awning that we can remove on rainy days and that will give us much more privacy.


These are just a few solutions, as we can also count on the lattices. It is a type of enclosure that is placed on the terraces on the outside wall. In this way we will prevent the inner vision of our terrace.


Depending on the space and the houses or farms we have nearby, there will be many solutions to consider. The most recommendable is to go to a large surface specialized in outdoor furniture. There they will be able to advise us better on the pros and cons of each one of them.

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