Artificial turf on a balcony or terrace – Interior and exterior decoration

A lot of people tend to think that the artificial turf it’s a I want and I can’t. Well, the truth is that it’s a really interesting solution, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be tacky, as some people think.

Artificial turf on a terrace

The small terraces or balconies are one of those places where artificial turf will be ideal. While it is true that some houses have managed to create almost exact copies of the natural grass, in these places it will not matter if we are putting the most faithful of the copies, since it is understood that it is an area where no one would hesitate to plant a lawn. Perhaps to take away this weight of what they will say, will make us enjoy much more of the decoration of this small and charming corner.

Balcony with artificial grass

We can completely cover the whole area, if it is a very small terrace, or alternate artificial grass with stones, in the purest Zen garden style, if it is a slightly larger terrace. In any case, we will be creating a pleasant corner without having to spend much time taking care of its green areas, because maybe our life in the city is a little more chaotic than the country life, and the only thing we want to do when we get home is to lie down and enjoy a glass of wine in our favorite corner of our house, our balcony or artificial grass terrace.

Terrace with artificial grass

Combining this element with different furniture and pots will be a lot of fun. Depending on our tastes, we can choose a more modern furniture or perhaps one more vintage. The latter is a guaranteed success among our visitors, as it has become incredibly fashionable.

Artificial turf for terrace decoration

As we can see in the pictures, the result is great. In addition, being artificial, we save maintenance, which is usually high because the grass is very but very delicate.

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