An Andalusian balcony in your home – Interior and exterior decoration

The courtyards and balconies Andalusians, have the reputation of being corners full of color and light. Spaces in Andalusian houses in which flowers and climbing plants burst into the facades, mixing with the white walls of the houses and the typical window bars of these constructions.

Decoration of balconies

If we want our patio or balcony to have this particular charm, besides seeing and observing many examples, we will have to be aware, first, of the real space we have. It is not necessary to have a large patio or the largest balcony in our street, we just have to be realistic and observe how much space we can devote to this small ode to nature, in addition to being aware of the water we will need to irrigate this orchard.

Andalusian patio

Andalusian Balcony

Suspended plants with their pots, supported on the surface of our windows or on the shelves. Climbing plants that hint at shapes to anyone who looks at them. It is possible to make art on our balconies and patios, floral art to be more exact. One exterior decoration of dazzling beauty.

Decoration of Andalusian balconies

We can choose from an endless number of ornamental plants, very suitable for the Mediterranean climate. For example, we can choose the typical geraniums, full of great color and attractiveness. Also begonias or petunias, as well as lobelias, all summer flowers.

As far as climbing plants are concerned, let’s preferably choose those with flowers. Besides, you have to know how to guide these plants, because the truth is that if we don’t do it, they will grow without any control covering everything.

Andalusian Patio

With these, we can try to create a really interesting atmosphere, covering the sides of our balcony, the bars of the same or frame a picturesque window.

As for the varieties, we can choose from the beautiful and colourful bougainvilleas, the clematis (more delicate), the honeysuckle or the fragrant and precious jasmine.

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