Seats for small balconies – Interior and exterior decoration

While it is true that a small balcony can not replace a large terrace, if we have one in our home, we must know that it is possible to adapt it to work as another independent area of our home, and that although the space is smaller, there are incredible solutions to create a beautiful terrace to eat or enjoy a drink during the starry night. The important thing is, above all, to choose good furniture to sit on.

Chairs and armchairs for balconies

The chairs or couches for small balconies can be very different and varied. Depending on the dimensions of this balcony we can choose more or less big elements. Even so, as our space is small, we can always opt for a potpourri of different chairs; we love to mix styles, and the truth is that it doesn’t look bad.

Chairs for small balconies

Small balconies

There are countless models of chairs that can be as or more comfortable than a sofa. We only have to look for them and try them, because until we sit on them, we are not aware of the comfort they offer.

Decoration of small balconies

Ideas for small balconies

Benches are an excellent option for this type of small balcony. We can get custom-made benches, which, although they will be more expensive, will make use of every inch of our balcony. In addition, if we are handymen, we can choose to make these benches ourselves with items such as pallets.

Seats for small balconies

Decoration of balconies

While it is true that these two ideas may be ideal, we should not rule out the option of creating a real chillo out zone on our balcony. With just a few cushions and a little imagination, we can set up a magic corner. Let’s also try to give it some height with some wooden base. The result, as we can see, is most romantic, being able to finish decorating the terrace with plants everywhere and those little lanterns of sunlight that will liven up our nights on that small balcony so much.

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