Tips for decorating small balconies with little money – Interior and exterior decoration

For those who live in big cities, they will know what it is like to have limited space. I’m sure most of them live in small apartments that don’t always have a balcony. So we can say that those who do have one, however small, are in the small group of the “lucky ones”.

Tips for decorating small balconies

The balconies are so important, because in the big cities, many times (and depending on the disposition of the apartment), it is the only place where you can enjoy the sun. What to say about those who live in places where the temperatures are low; having a space to sit in the sun for a while and drink a cup of tea will be a blessing!

If you belong to the group of “lucky ones” who have a small balcony, the good news is that you don’t need much money to decorate it. Below we will share some economical ideas for decorating small balconies. The common denominator of all of them is simplicity, since many times the secret is not to overload the spaces, which generally translates into save money.

Low cost decoration for balconies

Small and simple balcony

It is important to take into account the main function of a balcony, that of connecting us with the outside space, it is our small patio or garden, then, as far as possible, we must avoid using them for other purposes such as store items. Obviously, there are times when we are obliged to do so, but ideally, since they are so small, we should use them purely and exclusively for that purpose.

Small balconies

Low cost ideas for balconies

Ideally, we should have light furnitureto make the best use of the small area. In the case of open balconies, and more so in areas with a lot of rain, it is better if folding furnitureIn case it rains, we can put them inside so they don’t take up so much space. With just a few plants, a couple of chairs and some fabrics we won’t need much more.

Small and simple balconies

In case you do not have enough space inside the apartment for what we were talking about before, the best thing to think about is outdoor furniture that are resistant to the elements.

Small balcony

Economical ideas for small balconies

As you can see in all these examples simplicity abounds, the colour notes are given by some cushions or carpets. We hope that some of the ideas from low-cost decoration that we have shared today will be an inspiration!

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