Small balconies with style – Interior and exterior decoration

If we live in the city we’ll know that having a balcony means to have a treasure; and not everybody can enjoy a space like this in big cities. Why is it so interesting to have a balcony? Because even if it is very small, we can always adapt this corner of our home as if it were a real garden of Eden, something that gives much more value to our house.

Small balconies with style

The small balconies have their charm. We don’t need any big luxuries, just a table and a comfortable chair. The rest of the decoration can be based on four or five wicker baskets with some aromatic plants and a lot of green around; and the beautiful thing about these terraces and the interesting thing about them, is that we are able to create a real green lung in its few meters.

Obviously we won’t always have it so easy. Because aspects such as its dimensions or even its shape will make it very difficult for us. However, we found very interesting solutions for, for example, placing tables that take up little space; and the fact is that making the most of space is essential in these small corners.

Stylish balconies

Small balconies

Small balconies

Small balconies

Small balconies

So, we will have to think about whether we want this balcony to be green first and foremost or if we want to take advantage of the space a little more to place a more comfortable and beautiful table and chairs and some decorative pieces. In any case, the combination of comfort and vegetation must find a balance. This is the only way to create places of peace. Those corners that just by looking at us already make us feel good and relaxed.

Small balconies

Decoration of small balconies

Decoration of balconies

As for the style, we can choose from a terrace vintageThe house has a terrace with Moroccan colours, an outside corner with a rural flavour or even a beautiful modern balcony full of vegetation and little furniture. There are as many options as there are tastes. We only have to explore the shape of our balcony and soak up many photographs that might give us some idea.

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